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I am a 29 year old housewife who has had diabetes for over 20 years and continue to fight the good fight daily, although it takes it's toll. you know that I'm sure! Anyway, this poem is about life and its struggles and the one way it inevitably turns out. that which no one can avoid, death. I find my struggles to be cumbersome at times and can get depressed, but writing about my feelings seems to put my feet back on the ground and I "hunker" down and "chin up" , and go on. I know you all can relate to that statement and my poetry may seem dark at times but that is not what I want to portray, I love life and "will not go quietly into the night!" I have never published anything though my family is encouraging me to and this is just my latest poem written after I found out I was loosing my kidneys to my disease so forgive me if you find it sad. and yes I am sarcastic at times but I find it humorous and that's the best medicine for whatever ails you.


Rest comes in death.
Security lies in a coffin.
Behind the black wrought iron fence where the grass is green and the trees
Grow gloriously tall, among the stone and marble headstones with flowers set around,
Lies the promised land where peace and tranquility can be found.
No more to hurt, all the suffering is done.
A reward you have earned, for all your efforts you have won.
No one can hurt you now, you have nothing left to give.
You already gave everything you had so that others could live.
It's a shame there was nothing left, but now you get your wish.
Rest is what you wanted most, so now in your final act you get to be selfish.
For you, rest came in death, security lie in your coffin.
You had such a loving, giving soul, the likes of which aren't found often.
Take this, "our reward," let us say "job well done,"
"for all you have sacrificed it is death you have won."
Solace you now have found in the cool damp earth,
This place you were destined for from the moment of your birth.
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I like this poem because it is how I feel about the lose of someone that was very dear to me .I realize that His life has showed me and other people so much and I Love him so much.I now know he is in peace.Thanks

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