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This poem was written as a sort of tribute to my Grandmother. Her faith really inspires me, as I am still coming to terms with mine. Writing this poem also helped me to come to accept the fact that Grandma will die soon, and I will someday grow older. I was sort of reaffirming my youth, and accepting her age. This poem is really a tribute to my Grandma, whom I love dearly.


She sits beside me, her back stooped with age.
Her hands, wrinkled like a dried out grape,
tenderly stroke her faded rosary.
Her lips, pink as my faded ballet shoes,
carefully form the prayers so important to her.
Her words are but a murmur, a rapidly sinking
pebble in this pool of life.

I envy her, with her fervent beliefs,
her hopes of the world yet to come.

I pray the rosary as she does- -
but it is a different prayer.
For I pray with the vigor of youth,
she with the wisdom of age.
Someday I will take her place.
The sun will set for me, as it soon will for her.
But today I am young - and I live in today.
I shall not fear tomorrow, because this is today.
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3 Visitor Comments

this poem is absoultly great. It describes me with my grandmother it is really nice to know that there are other people like me so i m not the only one. it is really nice. you have really capture the aspect of the poem and congratulations once again.
Beautiful Poem.
Dear Dash_doll, I love this poem. I just lost my grandmother to cancer and when I read this poem I started to cry. It was very real to me and a good poem makes your the hair on your skin rise and mine did. Thank you.

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