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I was sitting one day reflecting on things of my past. My relationship with my father. Past girlfriends. Things that happened to me. I was thinking of all the times I had been betrayed and then I took an even deeper look at myself and saw that I had also been a betrayer.

That was something I didn't like seeing. Yet it was the truth. That deep look into my past, and more importantly, into myself is what led to the formation of this poem. That's right, it just formed itself as I moved my pencil along.


Tears fall forth from my spirit
The knife that penetrated my heart
Is being twisted and twisted
The pain is exuberant,
More tears.

The vocal blade has been sharpened
Delicately, the bearer of the blade
Approached from behind, as like Brutes.
As I turned for an embrace, I was pricked,
More tears.

I drew back to look deep into the eyes
Of the one who betrayed me this way.
The hand never removed itself from the handle
Never tried to Hide it's guilt.
More tears.

My torn open breast bleeds forth
On hands unrepentant, with no remorse
As I look into the face of my betrayer
A smile flashes back at me,
More tears.

With another twist of his wrist I crash to my knees
This seems to discomfort my Brutus.
So he leans over to whisper sweet comfort in my ear
A Judas kiss on my cheek, then he disappears.
More tears.

The blade is still embedded in my flesh
Deep in my bosom, blood still pours out
Mixed with the tears of my spirit
I will Never understand why.
More tears.
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3 Visitor Comments

We all feel betray in certain part of our life. Sometimes, the people who we are more close too can be the ones who can exert that betrayal impart on us. The poem is great. It caught my attention emotionly and psychologically.
This is a very powerful poem. As I read it, I couls almost feel the pain the author is going through. The author wrote with such passion and fire.
your poem motivated me to think that i am not the only one in sorrow. it helped me make it through. thanks

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