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My average day is long, hard, and full of stress; but this poem just goes to prove that your little getaway isn't quite as far as it seems.


I awake in the morning
With the utmost delay,
Knowing this will be
Just another stressful long day.

Eyes still half shut,
Then I let out a groan.
There's nothing pleasant out there;
I'd rather stay home.

I have no control,
They expect way too much;
I get lectures and preaching,
But that's not what I want.

So I run far away,
No place in mind.
I just follow my dreams,
Leaving the day far behind.

Then I stop and I look,
And there's no one around;
But I hear a sweet voice,
So I don't make a sound.

I'm looking too hard,
And don't need to try;
Everything beautiful
Sits right before my eyes.

I watch the sun set
In the pastel pink sky.
It goes below the hill
On which now I lie.

The grass is so cool
To the touch of my skin,
I can smell the fragrant night,
That I'm hopelessly lost in.

I feel the kiss in the breeze,
And the dance in the stars;
But then something hits me,
And it hits me so hard.

I didn't even leave,
And I'm lying in bed...
But then where did I go,
And where was I led?

Was it a place that exists
Only in my dreams?
What's this place for,
And what does it mean?
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This poem is like my life! It's freaky! Anyway very well written.

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