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This particular piece is about the progression of life and the course it takes. It also hits home on our memories of summer's long past.

Summer's Tale

The basking glow of the sun heating the earth,
Faint memories of spring dwindling by,
Tangled leaves spelling summer's birth,
Leaving the rains and storms to die.

Brother moon teasing the stars to their post,
Dancing in the deep, dark sky with ebony skirts,
Covering life with warmness within it's hosts,
Casual tears streaming down until it hurts.

Summers lost and summers found,
Times together disappearing with dawn,
Upheavals of both the heart and ground,
Childhood readings of fairies and fauns.

That girl next door with her attractive hair,
Dreams of cars and stars and rise to fame,
Following the peers and trends for wear,
A mother's grace not seeming the same.

Blankets and warmth in a tree-filled park,
Books and duties calling history forth,
The gleaming dew and song of a lark,
A saddened sigh with eyes to the North.

Bells call and the answer simply, "I do,"
Mingled, lovely glances afar from you,
The seas and sky never looked so blue,
After bearing some kind - one, or two.

Desperation in the parting of blood,
Thoughts of glory all lost in sight,
Knocked your knees deep in the mud,
Shattered glass to break the light.

Crying tears - Oh, they ignore you so!
Crashed hopes and dashed endeavors,
Life and death - you only reap what you sow,
A fragment of the one you once were.

Stricken fear at summer's glow - the last,
A smile here and there - a laugh for the past,
Regained footing and composure (it's always there),
Pass on the legacy that never was to bear.

As coldness flows through the treetops bold,
Darkened nature pulls for a final embrace,
And once, and last, your story is told,
Forever linked to playful Summer's grace.

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This poem really takes you step by step through life, and makes you realize the beauty of it! It is spectacular

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