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Personalities are made up of many different characteristics and ideas. Most of the ideas are based on societal, cultural, or common beliefs. Unfortunately some of the beliefs that are taught give people the power to destroy others either physically or emotionally. I used to be one of the people who destroyed others emotionally and it took me a long time to realize it. I wrote this poem based on personal experience. I hope that it stops others from doing the same thing I did.

Late Knowledge

Raised to myself be true,
I began to live the dream I drew.
Many thoughts I had conceived,
Brought me to fight for what I believed
Was right to stand,
Making myself feel grand.
I put myself on a pedestal
And thought I did rule.
Instead, others called me cruel
Making me out to be a ghoul.
That is when I realized
The life that I had idealized
Did not make me strong,
But proved me to be wrong.
Words said were meant to discriminate,
But this knowledge came too late.
For many a mind I had coyed,
And many more lives I had destroyed.
Discrimination is not based on race
As many people believe to be the case.
Do not judge one
By what he has done.
Instead take a stand
And prove you want to share the land.
Now I have learned
A lesson we all have yearned:
By throwing words sharp as knives,
I have ruined many valuable lives.
Now is the time
To flip a dime.
Heads ~ I will follow a new trend.
Tails ~ I will make a new end.
I will choose tails
In order to keep my life's train on the rails.
People's personalities range,
While anyone can change.
I have learned my lesson and done so well,
So, now I will live to tell
The story of how
Discrimination will kill the now.
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4 Visitor Comments

that was cool
This poem brought tears to my eyes! You are a great poet!
hi there, ur poem was lovely. i wanted a poem just like this one for my assignment and thought of copying some parts of it. but after reading the poem i felt as if i was invading one's personal space and decided not to. i really enjoyed the poem! thanking u,
real cool poem well writed and real better than any other at this page...

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