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This is a poem that was written when my child was taken by his father. I had no control of the situation and was lost. The only comfort to me was my poems.

Kills With A Knife

Kills with a knife dull and deep
My precious little boy please don't weep.
I've been put to a very hard test,
Please understand that I'm trying my best.
Your mommy's a fool for trusting her heart
Now your emotions are torn apart.
You've been stripped of all that you are,
Now you're away from me, very far.

I've laid the guilt and dealt with the tears,
Now all that's left are sickening fears.
Someday your mommy will surely win
this evil game of dreadful sin.
So when at night you're tucked in bed,
Don't listen to bad voices you hear in your head.

Your mommy will have you some day, you see,
So please, my love, don't ever release me.
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7 Visitor Comments

I will kiss my children as they sleep tonight. I hope someday that you will be able to do the same.
I love your poem. Very touching. I never knew my mother. I was put up for adoption shortly after I was born. I hear that she did not want to give me up. But higher powers said I must go. Even though I am now 17, I can only dream and hope that we shall meet again.
very sad but a very strong poem good work
this poem is a very strong examle of what is wrong with the justice system......lots of emotion released in this poem. if this author has any more poems i would love to hear them
this is the best poem i have read yet. it captures the real feeling of losing your child and not having any control over it. EXCELLENT POEM!
I cannot imagine what you must have felt when you wrote this, the poem captures your feelings, but i can only read and not feel what you feel/felt. It is a moving poem that captures your feelings -like a net catches a butterfly :0)

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