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We as humans have a tendency to feel that we need another person to make us whole so we search and search for our "other half" and in the process, are hurt countless times by those we thought might have been our soulmates.

This poem tries to express this feeling of hopelessness that we feel when we're alone, and the misery we feel when a potential life-partner goes sour. What I am trying to say with this poem is that we cannot be happy with others until we are happy with ourselves. A second person does not fill the void and complete our song, rather, the second person adds harmony to our already beautiful melody.

One Lone Heart

One lone heart drums a solo,
Beats a rhythm in syncopation,
Pumping tears through veins of woe,
Weeping in its segregation

Ever yearning another to find
A heart to just accompany
Its lonely music, and then combine,
And together play a sweet medley

Only one heart provides a beat,
But two hearts joined, a song does make
A true song no doubt all odds defeats,
But hearts are deaf to hear the fake

A loud symphony does a heart mislead
When lyrics sung are none but lies
The heart is torn and left to bleed,
And beat by beat, it slowly dies

Beating still, yet without vigor,
Pushing emptiness through veins,
The bleeding heart assumes its armor
To protect itself from further pains

Behind the shield, rhythm fading,
Broken chambers caving in
Tattered heart in misery wading,
Wincing wildly in its chagrin

If there is no tune and no notes are chimed
Without the aid of a second tone,
Why keep the beat, why count the time?
Why carry on all alone?

A heart alone brings only pain
Two hearts as one prove doubly so
Sad hearts want just one thing to gain:
True happiness in place of woe

The perfect melody is never found
By dead hearts seeking life from another
It will only hear the desired sound
In its own pulse, and none other

Tired heart, ripped and worn,
Resumes its syncopated beat,
Finding song in another form:
Its single rhythm makes music sweet

Withered heart sews the tear,
Rebuilds each chamber one by one,
Making room for music there --
Its own wondrous solo song

Perhaps in time, a second heart
Will hear the song and lend its voice
And together then, will never part
Eternally singing their rejoice

But if none other should join in,
The single heart shall keep on beating,
Listening to its own music within,
Never again from its song retreating
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