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Maybe it's time we looked beyond our own little personal space...

Turning Inside Out

It's time to open up our eyes, stop staring at the ground,
The only benefit has been the vast loose change I've found.
This downcast look as nothing to do with shyness or acting demure-
Perhaps time has come to cease brooding and become an active viewer...

Slice an apple lengthwise and you will find a star.
Watch a lowly creature thrive with just some dirt inside a jar.
Look up and spy a bird's nest, against a skyline bleak.
Nature's perfect architecture-a nursery made by beak.

We humans, we spend so much time in thoughts about ourselves,
Accumulating useless things to display upon our shelves.
We consume and plan for future, and wrestle with the past,
Trade in our spirituality to be superior iconoclasts.

Notice the mathematical accuracy in the design of a pine cone.
Witness the working society of queen and all her drones.
Savor the haunting beauty in the call of mourning dove.
Rejoice at blossom from seed dropped by hapless breeze above.

We can fret about our mileage, our taxes and our purse.
Or perhaps just stop a bit to inhale our surrounding universe.
The waves will gently lap the shore whether we are here or not-
Creatures creeping back from near-extinction will gladly take our spot.

The sun will continue to brightly burn, why not feel it on your face?
Earth will rotate just the same without a human race.
The dolphins seem to laugh at us, they clearly are amused..
And mountain gorillas stare with knowing eyes, curious and bemused.

Pollen kisses flower, old growth gives way to new.
A thousandfold of crickets strum without regard to you.
We can continue to live our lives in some superior fog,
Or agree the world turns as one big wheel and we are not the cog.
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