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As you read this poem view all the different kinds of Love one person can generate from so many different groups of people he touched. The poem is written by a mother when her thirty-five year son died after enduring a three month semi-coma caused by injuries sustained in a work related accident. The quality of life prognosis was very discouraging.

Degrees of Love

She loved him and the life they had.
When he was no longer
there for her
she let him go.

Another loved him too.
He was her soul mate.
They were born of the same parents.
Only because she loved him so
She let him go.

They all loved him.
He was of their clan,
Their motto "always here for each other."
They knew what he would want.
So they could let him go.

Oh how they loved him.
He was their child too.
All had watched him grow.
They felt his pain so--
They could let him go.

The old ones in his life need him.
He made them someone special.
They have their memories, so
They let him go.

The ones he played with enjoyed him.
He made an impression on them.
They miss him, but
They let him go.

There was a little one.
He was not old enough to know--
Oh but he would have loved him so,
And he would have had to
Let him go.

Oh but the ones that bore him,
Even though they need him so
They loved him too much not to
Let him go.

For all the ones that loved him so,
Our comfort is in knowing we
Let him go
To the One that loves him more.
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5 Visitor Comments

it was such a very poem it sounded like someone that i used to know this person but i had to let them go and say goodbye because it was time to let him go because he was to break my heart again if i would have not let him go when i did so
I am a mother of a child (son) that took his life in 2005. I have been lost in my pain and unable to function in my normal state of mind. I wake up crying, up all times of the night, wake up calling my son's name, not able to do my work on my job and allways sad. Not knowing how to get over this great loss in my family's life I could not move forward. This morning I read Degrees of Love. Oh my God. I cried because I just read the most wonderful words that I have been feeling for almost 2 years. I now can begain the healing of my Sprit, soul and heart now. I am now up lifted in knowing that my child, son, baby is loved in many Degrees of Love by so many people and I know that he will never be forgotten. I am crying so hard I don't know if this make any sence to you all. I do know that my tears this morning are of both pain and joy, knowing I can move on with him in my soul knowing how much he is loved.
this is a beautiful poem. It means so much to someone who has lost a loved one, thank you for sharing this with us. I was looking for words to comfort a friend in need..
i really really like this poem!
I think this is a very touching story. This person was loved very much.

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