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This poem came to me after a fight with my father. I've learned after years of fights that it doesn't do any good to get angry; that only makes things worse. So I would get my frustrations out on paper and that helped my head stay clear and calm. I'd seen the cup of tea in an earthquake display at the science museum in my home state, and the analogy came to me when writing this. This poem is just about what anger feels like to me.


Churning and boiling
heaving, hot - like a cup of tea
on a table in an earthquake.
The steam zigzags up as the
cup clanks and rat-tat-tats
on the saucer
And the dark tea sloshes around
in a whirlpool
over-spilling the sides and
staining the fine lace cloth
Gravity - and then
E X P L O S I O N!
and silence.
The deadened silence of a cease- fire . . .
thick, heavy silence.
It's almost as unbearable as the quake . . .
more ominous . . . fearful . . . unknown . . .
Can this uncertain peace
be more comfortable
than certain war?
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4 Visitor Comments

Nice to read like this words, Great mind & Ideas ..Keep Up
This is an excellent description of anger. Nice use of words, the analogy is great.
I think this poem is really very good. I have tempermental father. I am going to give that to him.
Wendy this was an awsome poem that just moved me I think that you have a lot of talent that you shouldn't waist. I have never felt that anyone felt the same way I did.

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