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As nostalgic as it is, there's surely some personal recompense in seeing our children grown and living self-sufficiently. My personal mentor once told me that I should be proud that my daughters are doing just what I brought them up to do - that is - to be responsible and live independently.

Well, she's been my mentor for my entire life, and she hasn't misdirected me yet. To me, that means it's simply time to think of myself. I want to travel more.. If I haven't seen it, I want to. If I have seen it, I may just want to see it again. Life "beckons" me.

Day of Beckoning

I hear My Day of Beckoning
From Muses to my lair
‘Tis long enough my Reckoning
Life’s Sirens fill the air.

Enough Responsibility
I’ve been grown up too long
I’m ready for Frivolity
To sing that Siren’s Song

No more of this hibernal game
With tufted quilts and snow
I hear Adventure call my name
With all it shall bestow.

A fortnight’s nurturant avow,
Time now to shed that skin
My burdens all are lighter now
New Journeys can begin.

My Quest in life to have some Fun
And write of all I see
I’ll tell you when I’ve touched the Sun
Thence Siren’s Song I’ll be.

So, heed me well, I have forespake
I’ll venture to and fro,
But I know not the road I’ll take
I’ll pave it as I go

Entrust in this, loved ones and friends,
I and my Travelin’ van
Will forge new trails by this year’s end -
I’ll be a Travelin’ Nan.

Is IRony in Hearkening?
Life’s Siren’s luring word?
I hear My Day of Beckoning,
The Sweetest Song I’ve heard?
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