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Humorous reflection by a short woman momentarily feeling inadequate in a world which venerates the tall and thin. Not meant to be offensive.

Catwalk Bitches Must Die!

Begone Oh Lofty Wenches to your Catwalks in the sky
Begone and take thine graven image from before mine eye
Stalk your way to paradise on six- inch, spike- heeled shoes
And prattle to the Maker about fashion's changing hues

Dent His ear eternally with gossip of rich men
Force Him to endure your endless tripe, and then
Reduce Him to a jellied heap with just one awesome stare
Before you slip your tops off to bombard Him with your 'pair'

Not those which He did give you, Oh No, dare I should jest!
But ones which have been tweaked and puffed, deflated and the rest
Show cheekbones which do arch, as none should ever do
Then divest of all your clothing just to see what else is new

To strut, to stalk, to pout, to pose, all this is everlasting
Until such day as we can be, of you, completely blasting
Get off our screens, out of our faces, begone before our eyes
To torture not imperfect souls, from heaven's fluffy skies

Depart at once, unto the all- eternal, divine- divide
And get thee hence from here before my lustful, desperate eyes
I wish to be as graceful, as tall and slim as thee
Yet as I can't, not now or ever, I wish thou not to be

I'd rather live a giant, in a world where all are small
Than live my life a dwarf, with all around me tall
And worst of all, false virgins reign, visions of ideals
To which I never will attain, a midget in high heels!
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29 Visitor Comments

it is verey good i have sent it to all of my friends and i have also printed loads of copies of it i would publish this you could win an award for this. you should fink on takin this further i think that you should but it is really up to you if you want to
hey i like this poem, i thought it was very funny, even though that's what i do for a living, and it was kinda insulting. but i thought it was really funny. keep on writing poems everyone. i enjoy reading them. thanks xoxo samm
ha ha ha. lol. i like the last 5 words. "a midget in high heals. " lol lol
please write more poems so I can enjoy them to
this is so funny are we models that evil? lol anyways thanks for writing it i really liked it . It's a free world lol
I loved everything about this piece. Fantastic humor, realistic viewpoint, excellent rhyme, rhythm, and language. I hope to read more of what you write. Much enjoyed!
This poem is so clever and funny and made me smile seen as I am a fashion student! hahaha
Absolutely wonderful and tue
this is really friggin hilarious!
it was good!
I loved it! It actually had me smiling like a fool at the computer screen.
Excellent - hits the nail right on the head! Though I do like seeing some good models (and tickle my baser instincts in the process) I do feel that the model scene is overrated! Beauty and wellbeing goes deeper than some cosmetic put on and smoke/drug-frazzled and money-numbed innanimate creatures struting down the ramp! Bravo for putting it down so nicely!
veeeeeeryyyyyyyyyy coooooooool and true
this is a very clever poem writen by someone who obviously hates artifical people as i do. no one should feels they have to be something they're not.
Well penned. The words of a truly HEALTHY woman in today's society. Bravo!
YES! Very true. Catwalk people are EEEEEEVVVVVVVIIIIIIILLLLLLL. They are intimidating and fake. They all must die! (just kidding. although some at least should get hurt or permanentaly scarred on their faces or something. I'm so mean. *grins*)
i really think this is a good poem
I really liked this poem. It had alot of feeling and alot of humor in it. T/Y for writing it i will look at it every day it was so good
Very good poem i like it alot.
I really like this poem. I'm very short and I can really relate to it.
that poem was genious i loved it. its definetely true. those models are just fake from head to toes anyways i dont see why people are so obsessed with them. and alot of young girls feel they have to look like those models and can get themselves into alot of health problems with like anorexia and stuff
This poem is GREAT! I know what how ya feel. ;)
More!!! More!!!
Kewl, it's a two thumbs up grandma gets coma for a month after read this poem.pliz email me..i wanna make a deal with you....
i love it!
So true,so true!
i really liked ur poem
GREAT!!! I thought this was a great and well needed poem. So many of us feel this way, we are not perfect in the looks department but, we have impossed perfection crammed down our throats kudos to the author wonderfuld job!
i like catwalk bitches!

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