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I don't know if I would exactly call this a love poem, more like an "after love" poem. After a breakup one of the hardest things is seeing the one you love with someone new. This guy broke my heart and I was just wishing he could feel some of the pain that I felt. I did not wish him and his new love well. And be honest, who really does?

Wishful Thinking

I'm sitting up late tonight,
writing down the thoughts
that keep me from sleep.

My heart is full of pain.
You're out on the town with your new love.

I hope she gets a run in her pantyhose
and the zipper on her new dress breaks;
or maybe you find out her breasts are fake.

I hope your face breaks out in zits
and she thinks your breath stinks;
and I hope you bend down and rip the seat of your pants.

When you get to the restaurant I hope the food is cold,
I hope the wine is sour and the bread has mold
(a case of food poisoning would be neat).
And I hope when you start dancing she throws up on your feet.

If all these things could happen,
maybe I could sleep.
And with a rested mind
I could wish for some more things to happen to you . . .

But it still won't be enough.
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10 Visitor Comments

I never thought revenge could be so funny. I loved it.
Thanks Debbie. I so needed to laugh and that I did!
cool poem wish i could write like that. really funny, i couldn't stop laughing!
the shoe in my case could easyly be on the other foot. May even through my own fault. adagio
just what i'd feel if i were the author! superb!
Really I wish that too! I love this poem dearly!
lauren aka bobby
LOL i kno wat u mean
very funny indeed! lol :-)
Very amusing but also true to life!
Sure! it really happens like that. Well done.

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