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HI! This is the first time I've ever let anyone read one of my poems. I'm 21 years old and my poems have always been about success, courage, friendship, etc. But, lately I've been frustrated with the idea that the perfect man does not exit. Do to these "virgin" frustrations I wrote this poem.

Mr. Right

Mr. Right where are you
To find you what shall I do

Will I meet you at a club
Library, mall or sports pub

Will you look really good
For if you do, turn me on you would

Will you have a personality to match
Morals too, and no diseases I could catch

Will you treat me like I want
Or will you tease me and be a taunt

Will it be big or small
Should I judge you by it at all

Will you treat me like a queen
Will you be like nothing I've ever seen

As years go by, my standards get low
To a convent I may have to go

With thoughts of "Settling" on my mind
It's those who lack looks I often do find

I sit and wait for Mr. Right to come
Perhaps some day.....I will get some.
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11 Visitor Comments

good job it was awesome and cool loved it get it up
i liked the poem it kinda reminded me about things that has happend in my life. I thought that it had a Good Middle and end. Some times i think it has to do with my life.
U have just read my mind, i guess us Melissa's think alike. On a scale form 1 to 10 i give u a 91/2!Keep up tthe good work!I mean it!
Hello I read your poem and found it very interesting. I like it very much and I am currently studying a writing degree. Poetry at first I found rather daughting and at time still do, thats only because i am dyslexic. But I have a good head for thousands of ideas, but putting them down is nerve racking for me. That is untill I came across your simple poem. I really liked it and now you have given me much more hope not to give up. I wish you all the best and i just thought I should tell you, I hope i dont sound really sad. But its nice to see what you can really do with poetry. I myself am trying to master the whole concept behind poetry as i find it extremely fasinating all the best shaz
this poem is the cutest see i am going to be eighteen in two weeks and i am still a virgin and very proud of it and these thoughts cross my mind all the time. haha keep up the good work
the charm is in the simplicity and the fluidity of words. Keep up the good work Melissa
very cute
me and another Melissa Vincent though it was very inspiring. Please send me some more of your billiant work - ill even pay 4 it. Thank you very much.
I thought this poem was really good. I can really relate to the message of the poem. For a minute, I thought she was directing the poem to me.
I thought that this was a very cute poem. It made me laugh. I hope to see one like this again.I also have to say it was very original.

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