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This short little poem was created in that little moment that we all go through when we feel alone in the world and no one seems to understand our pain. No one that is, until you realize that there is a special person in the world called your friend and they can make it all better. This is the greatest gift.

The Greatest Gift

The greatest Gift,
in the end
was a family
and a Friend.
An ear to lend
a hand to hold,
and you,
my Friend -
your heart of gold.
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55 Visitor Comments

it wassssssss sooooooooooooooooooooo great
How beautiful. Tracy
i like your poem olot because it talks about friendship and family.
I like and love all the poems that i read and it is real and true. There is in life and feelings in ech poem i read. It reminds me in everything. keep up the good works. Hoping more poets it really helps and can gives some ideas to those are going to be a poetic.
Beppy Stella
this short poem is touching and sweet.
My teacher has a poetry Friday thing and we have to bring in a poem and I think she would love this one! I thought it was AWSOME!
Seriously one of the best poems I've read in quite a while. Short, simple, and touching.
This poem is just what I was looking for to send to a friend. she is alone on Christmas, and I wanted to send her a special gift. she does have a heart of gold. seems like it was almost written just for this occasion! thank you
It is a wondetrful poem kudos to the poet
I like this poem because i have a teacher. Her name was mrs. russell and i was close and now. i dont talk to her and i was on the phoen with her and i told her this poem and now she and i was close. i love her but i dont know how to be her friend. If yew knwo what im talking about. good poem keep it up gurly
It was good. It depends on how long the person was her friend and if their friendship is strong.
this was very touching to me
It's excellent ! It has a lot of meanings this poem , and it changed my life too . Thankz a lot .
nice poem, short but sweet. just shows the equlibrium between family and friends. both r essential in our lives. just touched the strings of my heart. great one.
my 1 friend is just like it is described in the poem.
I lost a friend today she was ill along time this poem has helped me. Thank you Deb
This one of the best poems i had ever read hope you make more of this kind of poems its the best I luv it
It's true and wonderful. I totally agree.
the few words in this poem was very touching and very sentimental. I enjoyed it.
this is simply wonderful.
this poem touched me heart infact i shed tears, i had a dear friend not long ago confide in me with something special and personal, since then i feel he has gone his own way and i feel i have lost me best friend of 10 years and this poem has helped me see that i love him and i need to be there for him thankyou
this poem is really great! it's simple but it touched my heart.
that was so good. keep it up and make some more
The greatest gift was intersting. I like it
This poem touched me because i have a friend thats just like this and the way you put the words togathere was great so thank you alot i never really new how much my friend mint to me untill just now
eloquently and simply said
i like it very much
i loved it. reminds me of how my good friend use to stand by me when i am down. after reading this poem, i want to thank my friend for everything he has done and i will stand by for all my friends.
This is great. I really liked it.
i like it so much. it's short but explain a lot.
O. M. G this poem is one of my favorites little words that have alot of meaning to it. Keep on writting poems you got the talent! Cant wait to read some more!
this poem is nice, simple but nice. i like it.
I liked this poem a lot. It is short, but has so much to say in it! Keep up the awesome work!
Sweet and Beautiful. Simple and yet so deep. Thank You
How very to the point and clear; one senses the relief that there is a friend who cares.
simple and short in form but deep in meaning
This poem is everything i wanted to say to my friend but could not find the words. Thank you for making that easier
I loved hearing this short lovely poem. it was great!
I loved this poem because it remains me of my feature girl that is right now my friend. Her name is Daisy like a beatuful flower and she smells nice and every time I look in to her eyes I see a beatiful flower looking at me with those shiny eyes. This was a great poem and i hope you guys can send me more by email.
it was a really great poem it was lovely. i relly touched me . it was just amazing.
I love your poem very much. It shows that you can share a lot of your feelings by just saying a few words. I am grateful for your writing this poem.
You poem brings to my mind a very special friendship I have with someone. I have always tried to be there for her.
I Really love your poem. Although few in number, the words convey an abundance of gratitude. Great poetry
its unfair that everyone in the world does not know of this poem. its so deep and it makes you think--my friends are so good to me and give me everything, but the greatest gift is their heart of gold
I wont to let you know that your poem inspired me to be a nicer person and not to be afraid of what i am.
Very true the greatest gift is a family and a friend. I really like this poem
The thing i love most about this poem is its so true. I love it! Thankyou very much for sharing this poem.
I am just very lucky that my best friend is also my husband which makes him family! Great way to express my love for him
i think this is a lovely poem and really touched my heart! thank-you!
I loved your poem. It explains perfectly what has happened between my kindred spirt/best friend and her family. Thank you very much for the beautiful read.
such ashort but sweet poem!
A great poem just like a gold in the field.
the poem helps me throw bad times thank you
A thought provoking ,wonderful little poem.I love it!!!

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