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This poem is a poem about that special person that comes along so rarely. The person you call a soulmate to which you have a connection that words fail to explain. An immediate mutual bond.

I wrote this to my Best Friend and kindred spirit, Maria. as a gift for her birthday because I have always preferred writing my own words from my heart to buying a card at a store.

To My Kindred Spirit

We share secrets, we laugh and even cry,

We have so much in common,

Concerns, likes and dislikes.

Ours is a relationship joined by

Tender velvet chains that link our

similar dreams of life and love.

A gentle intuition guides us in our

individual struggles to succeed

at the things we pursue, to stand

out from the crowd.

In you I have found so much of myself,

Including many of the same

Insecurities and philosophies.

Complete inner-peace and happiness,

These are the things I wish for you,

in the present and in the future

because you are my kindred spirit.
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18 Visitor Comments

I just wanted to vote for this particular poem because. ,I understand and feel every line that it has. I have meet a special person in which I have these same exact feelings for. It is also nice to know that there are others out there like yourself. I wanted the author to know that when it comes to expression of the heart and soul that "YOU ROCK" ! THANKS A MILLLION! With Love, R. K. J
that was a great poem it remindes me of my best friend and me.
WOW!, what an incredible poem, my friend and I are very close, the bond is different than any friendship I have had in the past, our spirits are one and this poem sums it up, I sent it to him and he loved it,
I searched through many poems looking for just the right one to send to a special friend. Your poem nailed it with perfect insight into friendship. Excellent!
I thought your poem was very beautiful it touched my heart and made me cry
i adore this poem, my best friend and i were just disgussing our kindred spirits the other evening. i will share this with her, how wonderful to find this. good job
Exactly what I wanted to say to a friend Thankyou
awesome!!....i sent this to my best friend, and i am just so glad that authors with sucj great talent share it with others so we can share it with ppl who mean a lot to us, thanks..c-ya!
I love it. I've been looking for a poem like that.
Cool. Really good. Keep up the great poetry! I know how you feel, cuz I too rather to express myself in poetry!
Nicely done, I like the meaning and insight. Nice read.
Loved it!
This poem is beautiful. It says just what I would like to say about the "bestest" friend I have; for that matter, will ever have.
As a published author of poetry I appreciate the writings of other talented writers, also this is a special poem due to your name. "My Kindred Spirit" is Michael Todd. He is my first an only true male friend we have known each other all most six years. I am 52 and Todd is 30. Thank you for the opportunity to view you work and send it to my friend.
loved it
i like your poem it says just what i want to say to some one special thankyou
This is one of the most heartfelt poems I have read in a while. It truly does apply to many people I know.

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