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This poem is dedicated to my best friend, who, even with all her faults, is beautiful to me. She is, to me, my light in the dark, my strength when I am weak, and my comfort when I am hurting. When my boyfriend and I broke up, she was the only thing that brought me through (even though she kept saying those four words no one wants to hear after a relationship gone bad, "I told you so!"). This poem might be a little difficult to understand because of its format, but if you understand that all the subsequent phrases connect to the first phrase, it's easy to understand.

The Universe

Her heart is a star is a system is the universe
Her heart has a very bright, luminous beam is sparkling with the love
of a million days is lighting the sky with its dazzling beauty.
Scintillates with joy when she's happy, blazes with anger when she's sullen,
glimmers with sadness when she's morose.
Can shine like the morning star or flicker like the dying one.

Her soul is a comet is a system is the universe
Her soul is free to float and fly is unique is in a position
where any hard impacts will shatter it.
Shimmers as it catches light, is darkened with shadows,
moves like a "shooting star" when given encouragement.
Leaves its mark upon the universe, if only for a brief period of time.

Her body is a planet is a system is the universe
Her body is left behind sometimes is large
and cumbersome can be abandoned easily.
Orbits the light of her heart on a daily basis can be icy cold
or agonizingly hot is surrounded by a ring of skin.
Cycles with the seasons of birth, life, old age, and death.
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