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For my best friends. Thank you for always being here for me!! I love you with all my heart!

Dedicated to Brian and Kim, I love you guys!

Best Friends

A friendship for always
A friend that's so dear
You opened my heart
and showed me no fear.
You heard my cryings,
You heard my joy
I now know my heart
Wasn't your toy.
No greater love could ever compare
To the friendship in our hearts
The Friendship right here.
For if no tomorrow
And none of the next
Our friendship will prosper
And show us the best.
No greater bond will ever compare
To this friendship for always,
This friendship we share!
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9 Visitor Comments

your poem does touch my heart i love you so much its you who really the best friend if you know what i mean wink wink
this poem is so cool. ultimate cool!
Katie, This poem is wonderful. I have a best friend that I am throwing a baby shower for and I am going to site this to her at the shower. Thank you so much!
I personly love this poem!
I liked your poem alot! It got me teary eyed. It really describes me and my cousin (which is my best friend) alot! We been through alot of good/funny times and a couple sad times. Your poem is very true about me and my cousin. You write good poems.
this poem is very good, it brings out all the feelings towarsd a person or, a friend. It's very inspiring. I was wondering where you get the words to do a poem
it's good i think
I really liked you poem! It was one of the best one's I have ever read keep writing you do good!
beautiful, my best friend has been away in another part of canada sine aughest, and she is only coming back in february. made me think of her even more and treasure her.

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