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Friends are linked in thoughts, whatever the time, where ever, and rainbows and bridges are just a way of connecting thoughts

Arched Across The Sky

Rainbows created my imagination
As it arched across the sky
On one end there sat you
At the other end, there sat I

Imagining I could slide across
Over the rainbow to the end
There would be my pot of gold
The sweet love of my dear friend

The rainbow is a connection
Like a bridge from me to you
It appears joined by sunlight
Then the grey skies turn to blue

Arriving after the rainstorms
It became so evident to me
Thoughts of love follow rainbows
They arched right across the sea

A colourful arching rainbow
It has no gate, it has no door
It reaches from friend to friend
It arches from shore to shore

I smiled up today at the sky
How far would my loving smile go
It slid right over to the other side
The other end of the coloured rainbow
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51 Visitor Comments

Your poem is beautiful! You have special talent. Your imagination is marvelous! I really like how you used the rainbow and the bridge to show how you can use your imagination to stay connected to your friends that are so far away. That is awesome.
A wonderful piece of poem! It helped me alot in my Lierature project under friendship and metaphor. Thanks!
i fought dis poems was allright but it really came 2 me dat i really miss mah fwend 2 da max u know we got ova dis big fight about hus u know betta i actually realised were da same u know were not diffrent we look alike we act alike we sound the same and theres more were that came from we both like each other. i really miss her and if your reading this i love you. oh and im ilasbian i want 2 marry u and i dnt care if u other peps out dea r reading dis i still love her like 2 da max oh and i give dis 100 out of 100
I luv disz p0em kkuz i have alot of friends that live far away n itz nice 2 lettem kno dat i still care
I love this poem. It is beautiful. I lost my best friend to suicide a week ago today. I was looking for something to read at his memorial service and this poem really spoke to me. Thanks for posting it and sharing it. It makes me cry everytime I read it. Thank you so much. William
a lovely poem which is perfect i wanted to send something to a very special friend who is going through a really bad time to let her know i was thinking of her. thank you i will put this in a card ive made.
This poem is real great . I love it it has a special place in my heart
This poem well duits me. I realy enjoyed it and i sent it to a friend from far away.
I have always loved and felt uplifted when I see rainbows and this poem says it all for me. Wonderful
I really enjoyed this poem, I have a dear friend name Sue and she is always there for me. I love the rainbow and as I read this poem I picture this of her and I. Beautiful poem. Much feeling I received from it. Thank you Debbie Alaniz
Charis Mae
the poem is so cute! It reminds me of my best friend. To the person who wrote it,good job!^_^
This was a great poem, especially because of the unique metaphor that was used to resemble the binding between friends. I would've never thought of something creative like that! It was a wonderuful poem, and I enjoyed reading it a lot.
Fantastic poem! I thought it was a great, and creative description of friendship!
this poem reminds me so much of my bestfriend Amanda. She means so much to me as a freind! and this poem really makes me think how truly linked we are! this is a wonderful poem!
I love this poem. The author is a true and gifted writer. It totally blew me away.
This poem really got to me because it said exactly what i was feeling at that particular point in time, any poem that can do that must be good. Well done :)
This poem perfectly describes the power of friendship over distance. It is beautiful, lyrical and sweet. Thank you.
I liked this poem i sent it to my friend and she even liked it well kinda loved it I had tears in my eyes
I liked this poem very much. My sister sent it to me,she said it reminded her of us.
This poems has a feeling about it that makes you realise how important friends really are. Terrific poem Hope, I nearly cried.
I really enjoyed this poem. My friend is leaving for University in the fall and I am staying home. He and I are very close and I wanted to look around for some poems to give me a little help. I have so many things I want to say, but when I try I end up repeating myself or dancing around what I truly what to say. This poem used a beautiful symbol to explore and show what friendship really is. I know feel like I have an idea or where to go with my poem( a better idea anyway) Thanks.
A very pretty poem. I love rainbows.
Just perfect for my friend's birthday in another state.
beautiful loved it i cried sent it to my friend
This is a REALLY good poem. So many things are like Rainbows. Keep writing poems Hope!
A very beautiful poem with a lot of meaning. I feel as though it was written in memory of one of my dearest friends who has just been taken away from me.
very well thought and formulated
I love this poem. My bestfriend Tracy printed this poem off and gave it to me and i started to cry when i read it.
I thought this poem was really lovely as I am going away over sea to start a new life, so I have sent this poem to my mum as for me it says it all
This poem was great. I felt that I was in the poem. I really liked it. I'll give it a 10.
awesome blew me away
This poem is enchanting it made me instantly think of my bestest bud - as it did im sure with everyone who reads it! u have a real talent to evoke emotions- it has totally bewitched me :0)
This poem touched my heart, the person who wrote it has a true gift.
Rainbows are beautiful and so is poetry. The combination of these two together are outstanding. Really enjoyed this poem
i really liked that and if you don't mind i'm going to use the idea completely re-written in my style to my friend. if you're interested i'll send you it.
I love rainbows--God's Promise to us. Your poem is beautiful and so very well written, and I will share it with my friend.
nicee! my dear fren,Fiona! yooo and tis poem its specially fer yoo!..-hugs
This is a beautiful poem and really reminded me of a great friend I have that is across the ocean:) thanks for sharing.
I just love this poem! It really made me think of my best friends. Good for you!
When I first read that poem, I cried and smiled at the same time. It is wonderful.
Inspirational poem, vivid
High Standards I really like this poem
Your poem is simply beautiful. I see you are a friend of the rainbow as I am also.
Beautiful Poem.
very good
It really was beautiful. Almost made me cry.

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