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My name is Sara Leszcysnki, and I am a senior in high school. For the last few months I have worked in an elementary school for one of my classes as a student secretary. The secretary that I work with is the Mom of one of my best friend's and I wrote this poem for her as a Christmas present.


I'm writing this poem to you Mary,
because you're world's best secretary.

You are a dear-darlin, as Crystal would say,
even though that dumb dork is gay.

I love when we work together,
I wish that I could work here forever.

You're really cool, I like you alot,
I'm sorry for the times we argued and fought.

You make me happy when I am down,
you brighten my day and take away my frown.

I know sometimes I'm kinda mean,
but you hafta remember I'm a typical teen.

And what are you talking about throwing paper clips,
you need a few pointers and a couple tips.

The Vikings are cool, the Packers are not,
don't you know that Brad Johnson is hot.

Even though you're a big poopy shoe,
I admire and look up to you.

Enjoy your Christmas and have holiday cheer,
try not to drink too much beer.

I'm sure I'll see you around during the holiday season,
but if I don't, I'm sure there will be a good reason.

Be good to your family, spreading smiles every where,
even though to you that seems very rare.

Have fun with Jim, stay away from Dennis,
oh dear Mary, you're such a menace.

Well to wrap it up, I love you Mary --
to me you're like the sugar plum fairy.

Love Sara
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this is a great poem. i love the part in which the beer.
is great!

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