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Friendship can be a difficult concept to fully grasp, but I think that's largely because we don't put enough emphasis on its importance. We experience a lot of different relationships in our lives. But none, I think, are any more important than when two people come together as Best Friends.

Best Friends

One hand in mine, my hand in thine,
We walk through life's stark shadow,
Two as one and one combine,
To fight the night's dark battle.

My strength to thee, and thine to mine,
Our fervor never fallow,
Two friends are one by co-design
To face our common morrow.

I pledge my trust, thy trust is mine,
Through life's deep joy and sorrow,
One for all and all align
And this our common motto.

Best friend of mine, and mine to thine,
No greater love to follow,
Two as one and one define
A friendship to the marrow.
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12 Visitor Comments

this is a great poem you did a really good job
This peom really made me remember about my Best Friend that met me when I was in year 2 and that left in year 4. This peom really made me feel so happy about reminding me about her. Good job!
very good
My Partner and I are searching for poems. We plan on creating two tatoos. Each tatoo would contain half of the words of the poem, (starting with every other word for the first tatoo and the remaining words for the second. I love you poem.
ur words touched my heart. please keep writing.
these poems are very good
your poem was very touching and it moved me. it helped me to remember someone in my life. i have a friend that writes poetry and i just like to read poetry. so i wish you the best of luck in all you poetry writing
I thought this was a really good poem, it actually brought tears to my eyes. Can't wait to read more by him.
your poem is very touching and meaningful, I thank you for putting it on here for me and others to read!
This is a really great poem and the words are so...well the poems too good for words!
I just think this poem really define what is a best friend so i vote for it
What an EXCELLENT poem, what a WONDERFUL writer. I have read several already by Ron and each is VERY touching.

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