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I was inspired to write this poem by my loving brother. He is handicapped. Some people that have seen my brother just see the physical part of him - his looks. They don't see or want to see the wonderfulness within him.

This poem is about finding out the true beauty within.

Hidden Beauty

saliva drips from the side of his mouth.
his voice is ever so muffled.
you don't hear him often
but his motions speak louder than words.

he is judged only by his looks.
he is endlessly mocked and verbally abused.

he asks me what "retard" means.

I cry for him
my beloved brother.

why are humans so cruel?
why do they hurt the unfortunate?

you have never met my brother
and you might never meet him.

but please, if you ever see an unfortunate,
please just think of what would happen,
if you were in their place, how would you feel?

please don't tease others
for we are all creations of the Mighty One.

in a way, we are all brothers and sisters.

my brother is now 12.
the rudeness that he has endured still goes on.
people still don't see the true beauty within him.

he is loving, caring, trusting, loyal.

he is beautiful.
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54 Visitor Comments

My great uncle just died tonight 8/6/07 at 9:10 pm he was mentally challenged and this poem touched my heart. thank you
A touchy one. I feel the same way when human beings throw stones, attack injured animals and also verbally abuse the underpriviledged.
this poem is the story of my life. my "special" brother is 12 and. the poem explains it all. *tears*
this was a great poem and i wish more people would write from their hearts like u did.
I love this poem, I give it 100 votes over, He is trully blessed and may God watch over you and him both. Sincerely, Charlene Thong
I really like your poem and when I was in 5th grade I helped the MH kids at lunch there really fun to be with and it really makes me mad when other people make fun of handycap kids they can't help it your poems beautiful keep up the good work
I loved this poem. When I read it, I automatically thought of my little brother because he is the same way. The feelings that the author has, are the exact same feelings that I have.
Beautiful poem. Touched me deeply.
I am deeply touched by your love. The world would be a brighetr place if we would love the ebauty of the soul rather than its attributes.
i like this poem because it tels people that they shouldnt judge people by the way they look but for who they are as a person.
This was a wonderfull poem and its very true here's a little story for you when my dad was in kindergarten he did not pass and all through my life in shcool people critized me about him not passing and my dad is thee smartest man i know
this poem made me cry. it is really meaningful and beautiful. I think that everyone is beautiful and this poem really says that. It made my blood run cold. The author is very talented and I agree with what their poem tells us.
I hate people. everyone is so cruel. i cried. your a good poet
Growing up I had a friend name Carl who's sobbering smile lite up my little world, being so small he would let me ride in his lap in his chair. I knew he was different, his speech was slurred. The mean kids would laugh when he wet or jerk in his chair, I would kiss his cheek ignoring the spittle and mean kids stare. I loved Carl and this poem reminded me of his BEAUTY. Thank you for calling forth a wonderful memory. DCS of Tacom WA.
What I enjoyed about your work is the reality the imagery. It is very moving and very real. I work with disabled and developementally delayed children and they experiance the reality of this poem everyday. Thank you for your touching and moving poem.
Your poem is beautiful. i have sisters who are mentally challenged and the words that you wrote, my biggest fears for them, flood my mind every day. thank you for being able to write what i think. you are a beautiful person, just like your brother.
This peom is so true if i met ur bro i would understand what he has been through but i went throught it in grade school not in high school but yea people will grow up and they will understand how hurtful they have been i should knoe i was born an amputee so yea and i admire you for being so strong for ur bro thats true love man so yea tc of him peace
This poem is very beautiful, i have included this poem in my hi5 page as this has really inspired me, i have a little nephew who is exactly the same as this poem, and to know how much pain they are in, it hurts. We should be encouraging all those who despice of treating each other the same. and i thank Alotta for this poem is the most beautiful i have ever heard. LOVE SIUPOLU
i love this poen . i reminds me about my cousin whos hadicap. i love him dearly. ihate it when people make fun of him.
i love this poem it may me feel there is GOd .
this poem discribes ma brother,he is 12 and by the moment i read it i sent him the poem hope he will love it coz when i read it i saw ma real brothe. Thats to say that i love the poem. ;)
God knows which families he can give His most precious gifts to. The love comes soaring in this piece. Lovely
This was amazing - it sent shivers down my spine!
Alotta, this is a beautiful poem. I understand how you feel. My sister had a premature birth and so she is mentally challenged. And you're right, the world is cruel. They know how to mock and laugh, but not how to understand. Sometimes I'm glad my sister is the way she is. She can be better than people who are "normal." My sister is two years older than I am, we went to the same schools and I must admit it was hard growing up, especially when I was younger. And it hurts to see how people can make fun of kids like these. I thank God everyday that my sister is the way she is because God made her perfect and beautiful. And I'm sure that you feel the exact same about your brother. Stay happy. God bless you. And once again, great poem. :)
This is a very touching poem. It reveals the ugliness of the world and the innocent ones that suffers in it. The pain and teasing the little brother endures touched my heart deeply. Hell to the people who dares mock at the poor baby! The way the poet describes the boy and his view of the world impresses me. God bless him.
Great poem I have a retarded brother too
i dont have a brother with mentel illness but i have a big brother who is very caring. so i know how it feels when someone abuses or teases our brother. i truely deeply respect the poem and the authors love for her brother is felt by me too. i ask her to convey my love too to him. have a nice day to u and ur brother. love sanj india
I really liked reading this poem that you wrote about your brother,people can be really mean and hurtful sometimes. There is no reason that people should be so hurtful because we were all put on earth for a reason and you brother is no exception. What is to say that we are not the weird ones.
I have a son just like her bother i know how he hurt when people would call him names to because it hurt me t good bless
I don't know if this is the best poem or not! But all I know is that it touched my heart. I couldn't hold my tears when I read it. I'll definitely be praying for this brother!
i thought your poem was wonderful. i loved the ending, because even though i do not know your brother. i'm sure he is beautiful. we are all created by God, and EVERYONE is beautiful. keep believing and living your life how u do. you're a wonderful person and u will be repaid for your actions. my aunt has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and many other medical problems. i know what it feels like to have others look at your loved ones strange. i am now 15 years old. however, when i was about 5 years old i was taking care of and looking after my aunt who was about 25 years old. she is a wonderful and beatiful person but i just wish she would feel the same way about herself as i do about her. just keep reassuring your brother he is deeply loved and never give up. keep acting out your love for others and caring the way you do- in the end God will repay you greatly! ILU . . lOve-N. G.
I loved your poem because this little boy i know is like my brother I just love him so much and he is autistic and people always give him looks like they despise him and your right, poeple are cruel expescially to people who dont look the same the the buy i know dosen't look the same his eye is swollen and his head is miss shaped but i love him and he is like a brother to me and your poem is just great
I love this poem because it's a part of everyday life. People struggle in many things but fail to realize what god has given them LIFE. For mean people to be rude, if they try being nice even for one whole day it can help better their life whether they know it or not. The main thing is to stop judging people on their looks because that could be the person to save your life one day.
This was a really good poem i liked it.
i thought this poem was really good,it gave me insperation to put my point across thank you
My husband has Early Onest Parkinson's Disease. This poem really hit home for me. He IS judged by his looks in more ways than one. When you first see him, he's georgeous looks and sparkling eyes attract everyone. Nothing appears to be wrong. Then, when he is approached, most cower at his trembling limbs and weekend gait. Their actions show the true shallowness of most people. Thank you for this poem, I admire the love you have for your brother. God Bless.
I really liked this poem b/c I do know that people tease people unfortunate than them. I feel really blessed that someone takes the time to write a poem about this and it makes me feel someone other than me cares. I go to school with kids like that and it hurts me when people tease. This really means alot to me!
This is so very touching. I can honestly say I can feel it. I myself have a mild case of C. P. Im in colledge now it doesnt hold me back. My siss also had C. P but she passed away. I want to say continue to stand up for your brother if people cant accept him their the ones with the problem.
This poem really got to me. I loved it! It may not rhyme but that doesn't matter. I love this poem because i know what it is like to get teased. i used to get teased a lot about my looks too. It went on for a little while. When I read about other people getting teased then it makes me just as sad to think that people don't care. Many people say that you should just ingnore the people that tease you but that doesn't solve your problems. The true beauty within someone isn't what they look like on the outside but what they are on the inside.
i really liked your poem it reminded me of my own brother who has seropalsy im only 13 but i feel his pain. he dosnet have it that bad but people still say things bout him. i wish i could put some of them people in his shoes
I will show this to my eldest son, he has a brother who cannot understand language. He is always patient and kind with his brother, but gets upset with people who take the micky out of him. Your brother has something much more than those who laugh at him, a loving sibling.
This poem really touched me. My Nephew and his wife just had a little girl with down syndrom and It worries me of how people will treat her too when she is older. May be this poem will stop some of that. Thank you
I love this poem. I truly wish people could understand what it's like to be "different" just for a moment in time, then they might see that how they treat others matters. Especially to those who watch someone being tormented so much. I really like this poem, keep up the good writing.
i liked it much
how beautiful, and true! May god bless your brother every day of his life!
Well I really liked this poem. I always find myself asking why so many people always have to tease people like the kid in this poem, it makes no sense to me. People like Alotta's brother that have problems they cant control or help are just as important, loving, caring, beautiful as people without the conditions like the one in this poem. to me everyone is beautiful, and everyone has a heart and feelings
i hope everyone could share me the tender feelings stirred by the poem
I work with multiply handicapped children in the school system and found this poem very touching and inspiring..
This is truly a very touching poem, an unfortunately,so very true to life.Why do we have to be so cruel, to the less fortunate. God bless Alotta and Brother.
I loved the poem "Hidden Beauty". It reminded me of how I would feel when someone would tease me a while ago. Really, we are all the same. Imperfect living humans that can endure only so much. So we must all get along. (As the poem brought out.) How would you feel? Rose
I understand where you are coming from because this boy go to my school named James he is kinda slow learnind disablity and every time he comes around a group of people he speaks kindly and with respect.People just tell him to get away from them and to never come back or say anything to them. James gets mad and starts to cry because it hurts him to know how people feel about handicap people. I always speak to him because I think he is the bet of the best.
this is a very beautiful and loving poem! it definitely speaks the truth.
This is a beautiful poem.
Hey Alotta i know just how you feel i also have a little brother.hes 9 years old but we'll always stay strong no matter whut hey just keep yo head up dont let no one put your family down -peace-

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