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This poem is about my mom and how much she means to me. It lets her know (in writing) the things you just never seem to say in person even though you know you should.

My name is Amanda and I'm 12 years old. I wrote this for my Mom when I was eleven and gave it to her on Mother's Day. My mom told me that my sister, Candice found this site and that they both submitted a poem. So when
she asked me if I wanted to submit mine, it seemed like the right thing to do.

Mom, I Know

I know you care for me, Mom, and
I know you love me, Mom.
I do what you tell me, Mom,
and I know What’s Right, Mom.
Although you may not know it, Mom,
you are my best friend, Mom, and . . .
I Love You So Much Mom.

I wrote this for you, Mom, to tell you
How much I care for you, Mom.
I’ll be a kind person, Mom, and I’ll do
Everything for you, Mom.
You may never know it, Mom, but
you’re not only my mom, but
My Friend, and . . .
I Love You Very Much Mom.
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20 Visitor Comments

i loved this poem i thought it was good i like to make poems to there real fun to do and stuff yea i made up bout 10 poems there good but probubly not as good as this
wow that poem is GOOD i love it so much im gonna dedicate it to my mom!
Hi I liked this poem because I love my mom so much and I miss her so much and I never really had the chance to tell her how much I love her.
thankyou for you poem. it touched me so much as i have just argued with my my mother and i need a way to express myself to her and i used your poem so i just want to say thankyou xx
I really liked your poem its so sweet.
Hey Amanda! I liked your poem, it really touched me n my mom 2 she liked it. she was the first 1 who showed me this poem, so ya keep it up!
I like it i feel like writteing it for my mother
This poem was an very good poem one of the best peoms I've heard so far good poem.
hey i thought that this poem was an awesome poem where did you learn to write all these poems you are good at them it is about me and my mom cause i tell her everything well not just eberything but things that i wanna tell her well g2g i will talk to you later
hei ma name is Qubra. i loved your poem it really touched ma heart. By the moment i read it i sent it to ma mother coz i love sendind poems to ma mom and i really loved your poem. It is a nice poem for morthers to read. all by Qubra Saleh
i really like that you showed what u felt thats what i do i just want everyone to know how sad or mad i fell just let it out dont leve it inside fopr ever im really happy for u.
I love this poem. It was very sweet it is a poem that anyone's mom would love i know my mom would love it.
that poem was good.
it is a good poem but i think i no you if u have been to spain my name is shannen and i think i met you on holiday. but it is a great poem and lovely to read
This was the sweetest poem to give your mom and I know she must be so very proud of you. Keep up the good work I loved it.
i love what you said poems really reach out to my mom because there is some things i cant tell her face to face
It's hard for me to say I Love You to another person. Keep up the good work.
i think its so nice and its wonderful that is a 12 years old girl can expres her feeling so deeply
Im sure your mom loved it! Keep up the work
I loved the poem very much. My mom died in 1985 but I still remember how special she was to me.

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