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I know the sacrifices my mother made for me. Life at our house wasn't always pleasant, but my mother tried her best to create some roses amongst the thorns.

Dedicated to my mother, Virginia. I love you Mom and know how you sacrificed for me. I will always remember!!

Flowers For Our Mothers

Once a year we choose a day
To pay tribute to our mothers.
Flowers and gifts we do bestow
To her and not to others.
Through the years she gave her all
To raise her children well.
The sacrifices that she made
Would be too many to tell.
Her love outshines the brightest star,
As she shares equally with her offspring,
Making each one feel they are the best.
Fond memories tug gently at my heart strings.
To you, dear Mother, I write this poem,
To express my feelings of devotion;
For you have loved me all these years -
God's unconditional love in motion.
Every day is Mother's Day
In my heart so true.
I want to tell you every day
How much that I love you.
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5 Visitor Comments

this is a beautifully written poem. Keep up the good work.
jessa mae
i love it really!
Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. It isn't often that I take the time to vote for anything online, but this one warranted the extra time. This poem reflected the feelings that I have for my mother and had been unable to express for so many years. Again, thank you for sharing! I hope that I can see more poetry from this lady!
This poem is pretty. I hope your mom enjoyed it as much as my did.
What a great poem. Written with gripping sentiment.

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