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This poem is dedicated to all the fathers and grandfathers who "take the time". May you know the difference it makes!

Healing Me... The Child Within

Maybe you didn't know,
how much it would mean to me
to have your hand in mine.

Maybe you didn't know,
how much it would mean
to hear your voice.

Maybe you didn't know
the dreams I had...
of love and of sailing.
Little pictures in the sand,
What is my name?
Tears in my pillow,
you never saw.

Time has shattered--
no hellos or hurrahs,
graduation or pretty flowers

Trees are so tall,
it makes me wonder...
Red bird flying,
wait for me.
Dreams as wide as the ocean
listen when I speak...
I long to please.

I'd give you all I had
hidden treasures
from my pockets
and my heart.

Grown woman, little child
my hand still reaches-
Time is swiftly going.
Take my hand in yours,

May I call you that??
Lead me to safety, to the unknown,
stay with me for a while.
Blue skies fill the earth,
a gentle breeze blows,
I close my eyes
and I feel ...
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7 Visitor Comments

Nothing But Great.
this peom is very great and true because someday i wish icould see my father again
beautiful. absolutly beautiful.
This poem sorta says about me and my father my dad left me when i was 5 and i am 14 now. Now that he has a new family he doesnt want nothing to do with me and the things i wish He would love me the way he loves his new family this poem is sorta how i feel about my dad
Very Touch!
It brought tears to my eyes. I can see my daughter and her father.
you have so much talent and touching words that can only be expressed by a girl to her father.

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