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I am actually submitting this poem on behalf of my son, Jeremy Fuller. He wrote this poem for me on Mother's Day, 1998. It is the best gift I have ever received. Any mother can understand the long nights spent with a sick child, waiting for the teenager to come home safe, working long hours to have enough money to pay the medical bills or car payment, and all the time hoping and praying that you are doing the right thing to raise a healthy, happy and emotionally stable human being. With so many troubled youth today it is such a reward to have a son say these special words to you and to know you did a good job. Please read and I hope you feel the same emotion I felt and perhaps you have a mother you feel the same way about. If so, please share this poem with her.

Unconditional Love

Was it what she wanted?
She had a choice.
A choice between two,
Pain or Freedom.
You ask yourself, who in normality would ever desire such pain?
Sure you say, selfish freedom most would choose.
Still, she had a choice between the two.
The choice of pain she would choose.

Pain and Suffering.
All of which was unnecessary.
Only the greatness of such beauty would stand so bold and strong through
the enduring pain.
Enduring pain of unselfish giving and years upon years of dedication
purely to one's life.

She would raise him.
She would mold him.
She would do everything at her utmost will to bring him as close to
perfect as inevitably possible.
She spoiled him.
Everything she gave to him.
He did not expect anything, yet she unselfishly gave it all.
Gave it all leaving nothing for herself. Nothing for herself.

All she wanted was the best for him.
He could not even begin to tell of such greatness she has done.
For she had done everything.
Everything way beyond any material standards.
Everything in which would leave him in endless repayment.
Repayment in that all he could do was to love.
To love the Lord for what He has given him.
The greatest gift one could ever receive.
The unconditional love of a mother.
How could one not appreciate the beauty and warmth from the love of a
How could one not respect to the fullest?
Respect what God only gives to a selected few.
The unconditional love of a mother.
Oh, how I respect it.
How I so incredibly love it.
How I love her.
How I unconditionally love her.

"Thank you Lord," I say for her.
"Thank you Mother," I say to you.
For the greatest gift from God of which you have been.
And Mom, I'll say again and again.
For how my unconditional love for you will last forever beyond the end.

I love you, Mom.
Happy Mother's Day.
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12 Visitor Comments

it is exactly what life all about super poem continue
I can only pray that I raise a son, as loving and understanding as your son. Great job to you both!
Words so simple, yet so poignant and sincere. It reminds us of the few treasures we have.
what a great poem
I loved that poem. It was so sincere and loving. Great job~i just wish i would have thought of it :-)
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
*You have a telant. And its an owsome poem, and so true. I love it. So keep up the good work. *
that was a great poem. i was very touched and moved by the words. that was great.
that was one of the sweetest poems i have ever read thank you for sharing that poem with me
Its too good.I am touched.
Great poem.later!
What a super poem.

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