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This poem is about my niece. The thought of her growing up and losing her innocence and purity drives me insane. Wish I could keep her safe and in plush white wings forever - don't want her to make any mistakes etc. Scares me to think that she will...

To Cinderella

I weep for you
little girl
at night, as you sleep
as I look into your innocent eyes
I burn black and cry for you
let me twist and turn
in my own personal hell
in mental anguish
as I try to save you from tomorrow
from the pain of growing up
and being pushed into reality
before the door to childhood has been locked
let me blind you and bind you from this mess
little girl


damn me
little girl
for years gone wrong
behind locked and closed doors
"blood is thicker"
damn me
for hiding
little girl

remind me
little girl
of tears running down my face
when the same confusion got trapped in my head
remind me
of my once innocent eyes
replace the mirror between us
little girl
and let me writhe with envy
and hopelessly wish to reclaim
the power of child

we were darkened
by the same careless naivete
that gives us strength

hide from them
little girl
let me weep
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5 Visitor Comments

this is a great poem it is nice
this is a good poem
This poem was so beautiful, it brought chills through me. It is exactly what I a I feel as I watch my 4yr little girl sleep every nite. Thank you for expressing these feelings and emotions so beautifuly.
Vibrant words, that make you "feel" the authors pain. Great stuff.
my feelings exactly!

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