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This is a poem about my grandmother who I love more than life itself. She knew all my pain and how hurt I was when people always left so she made up this phrase "the sooner they leave the sooner they come back" no one ever gets that but us and now she's in Poland and got very sick and my days are filled with worry about what'll happen to her and how I can't live without her

The Sooner They Go, The Sooner They Come Back

I sit here in tears when I think of your words
"The sooner they go, the sooner they come back"
No one every understood What that meant

Except you and I who smiled at their confused eyes
You raised me and gave me all I ever dreamed of
You were there for me when my mother had to leave miles away
You always listened to me cry and I somehow knew you cared

When I grew older I had to leave across a sea
You just smiled and, with sad eyes, looked at me
You gave me a hug and told me our famous words
"The sooner they leave the sooner they come back"

You came to visit me once
I showed you everything I learned about sadness, pain and life
You knew I'd have no one here
When your daughter told you "she's a happy child"
You knew it was all a cover-up and it was all a lie

Now you're back at "home," you're getting sicker every day
I can't be there to heal your heart when it aches
They didn't tell me you were sick - I accidentally over heard
Now that I know, you can't imagine how it hurts

I'm not there if anything happened, God forbid,
Not there to makes your wishes become reality,
Not there for even one last kiss.
I pray each day you get better soon
It's not your time to enter heaven's gate - its not your turn
If god decides to take you up and make an angel out of you
I'll understand it's for the best, but I don't know what I'll do.
If I have to see you going away all I can think of are your words -
"The sooner they go, the sooner they come back."
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3 Visitor Comments

i thought it was wonderfull and i can relate well to it. keep writeing more wonderfull poems. i would love to be able to read more of these its wonderfull. kirstyxXx
Very Sweet...could sympathize with your sadness,,my grandmother too there for me as a child..and died. I love her and will never forget her soothing captured it nicely!
I really enjoyed reading your poem it was really nice. You must have put alot of thought intyo your poem

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