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The love of a daughter for her father. Written from the heart about my father. I miss him so!!!

Remembering Daddy

You were my hero
Not like all the rest
When it came to fathers
You were always the best.

You were a teacher
Like none I've ever known
Teaching that reaping comes
From the seeds that are sown.

You were my best pal
My first real friend
You remained that to me
Until the very end.

You were the first man
That taught me about love
One pure and simple
Sent from God above.

You were the man
To all others I would compare
You placed the stars in my eyes...
My husband keeps them there.
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7 Visitor Comments

wow, I lost my father twelve years ago and still miss him terribly. My best friend recently lost her father and I forwarded this to her, she found it to be very comforting as did I. Its beautifully written. Excellent. Lets see more. Heidi
i loved your poem ,it sounds just like my daddy,he was a God fearing man,easy going,aand i lost him to cancer when i was only 17 thank you for writting this
My father died 2 years ago. This poems hits staight to my heart and my soon to be husband dose keep those stars in my eyes. Thank you so much for this poem.
I really like your poem it was so sweet it really brought tears 2 my eyes I am glad I have someone like u that can put what u and others feel into a cute poem! I really really love your poem
i have just lost my nan and this poem was a bit upseting and how i was feeling
My parents were divorced when I was 2 and my sister was 1, but my dad was always there for us. We lost him many years ago when I was 21. This poem touched my heart deeply. Thank you for putting into words that which I cannot do.
This poem brought tears to my eyes.

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