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Did you want me to go? Did you want me to stay? What do you do with the guilt of being left behind when someone you love dies?


Image of you in a cloud rolls by
The sky opens up, somewhere in my mind
A vision of you in a pale blue dress
Tears falling down, you took my breath
Memories of you . . .

Rain always hides these tears in my eyes
Thunder laughs and my soul dies
Will I hear your voice
Will I touch your skin
Will the ocean waves let me in

Epitaph read like a warning sign
Lightning strikes, I close my eyes
A vision of you in a torn red dress
Tears in your eyes, your hair a mess
Memories of you . . .

Rain always hides these tears in my eyes
Thunder laughs and my soul dies
Will I hear your voice
Will I touch your skin
Will the ocean waves let me in

The time is near, the time is nigh
To answer the call, to answer the cry
My head still spins, my body aches
Cold wind stings my eyes, my face
Look around, no one there
Will anybody notice, anyone care . . .

Will I hear you laugh
Will I see you cry
Will this world just end and let me die

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37 Visitor Comments

this poem really touched me, i lost a granpa last year and one this year a few days after my second grandpa died my uncel died. i really liked this peom
very deep, i loved it, especially the ending. its funny hoe sadness really is pleasurable to read. sad but very uplifting,and filled with inspiration.
that was the most saddest poem ever
i absolutely loved your poem. it brought tears to my eyes. when i was 8 years old, my best friend emmaleigh was kidnapped by her father and ended up getting killed. i knew about it, and she had asked me not to tell anyone. by keeping her secret, i felt totally responsible for emmaleigh's death. i still tell myself that if i would have told someone sooner, emmaleigh would still be here and we would still be best friends. great poem!
WOW i really liked your poem. im 16 and my mom died about a year ago and this really touched me.
pilar ann
. how i wish. someone would miss me the way you did with her. she's lucky to have you.
I loved that poem! It was so beautiful.
I really like this poem because 3 years ago my best friend past a way this poem just touch my heart(
I know how the poet feels. You jusst wish you could have died with them. Though it feels like part of you has died already. I am a poet myself and I say that this is one of the best poems I've read. I am praying for the poet. God Bless, Mandy
lifes to precious to wish it to end. keep your head up high. i no u have lost some one you loved. but think about it,. would they want you to die as well. wld they wnt u 2 b sad. n not like life. no they wldnt they wnt u 2 b happy in lyf n move on n achive all the goals you wnts 2 achive and make something of your life. n thn wen u die u can show thm wot u have done. remember this person is always looking over you. no matter wot. they love you x
I really loved your poem. It was really touching and moving. I read it over and over and i cried over and over back to back. I know what you're going through. I just lost my grandmama not to long ago. She was real special and my only real friend i had and she just like a mother to me because she raised me but anyway keep up the good work and don't no one tell u different. U HAVE MAD SKILLS!
this poem touched my heart and i can relate to the poem i almmost thought that i was the only one who felt like that and my age is 13
i loved it! you completely captured the emotions of loss!
I love your poem!
This is such an amazing poem. Its one of the few that have really touched me. I'm so sorry or your loss, if its any help, I'm sure they're waiting for you and watching over you. Keep up your writing its incredible. I definetly give it two thumbs up (three if I had an extra thumb).
This poem gives me something to relate to especially when I'm extremely lonely.
I loved your words so much. They touched me and I just read it over and over and it hit home every time. I would love to see more of your poetry. I will be looking for your name. Thank you.
Execellent job. J. Travis! Your poem is loving, inspiring,. WORDS CAN NOT EXPLAIN how great it was!
I love this poem! My grandma just passed away and this poem really touched me.
This poem really hit me in my heart. Just last summer my brother was killed in a car accident and that's how I felt. It's so beautiful, but also so sad.
This poem is so great. It reminds me of the loss of my cousin over a year ago. I miss her so much and she meant a lot to me. It really says how I feel about the loss.
my dear wife passed on 4 years ago and Jaimie, you opened the floodgates again after all these years because i buried her during a tropical thunderstorm! Thanks n keep up the good work!
i like your poem
This poem was so well written, it brought tears to my eyes. It's very beautiful in its own way. Vivid images were created in my mind as I read it. Respects to the author.
i love this poem it reminds me of how i felt when my best frriend passed on
I read this poem and I absolutely love it. Its so sad and really understandable. My respects to the author.
i just wanted to say that my girlfried just died in a car wreck 3 months ago and that poem has no words to describe it because its so good.
hello jaimie, i just thought i would say that i was truely moved by ur eloquent words in ur poem. i can certainly relate to such a level its practically unbelievable. to conclude, i greatly enjoyed it, and don't ever let anyone discourage ur talent for writting
This poem was great.Sorry your lost.
Well, I thought this poem was the greatest poem I've ever read(and I have read alot). It really touched me and I hope you continue to write more, you know how to put your words together. It is almost like a song. I almost hears music while I am reading this poem. Please continue writing poems, this one is great!
VERY well written! keep it up!
this is a sad poems but it is really cool and i liked it a lot keep up the grate work
Wow! I was on this web page to look for a poem to interpret for an english 30 class and I stumbled upon this one. I must say honestly that it is the only one that has so far had any emotional effect on me. I recently have sat back and watched as a family in our community, and quite well known in our school had a death in their family. I can see many of their feelings being expressed in this poem, and I am so thankfull that Jaimie had the strenght to share this amaising emotional tail, as well as an astonishing work of literature.
Hey that is a great poem! It flows so nice! I like it a lot! It's very sad.but oh so true! I rate it a 10!
We know how you feel. The pain of someone loved and lost is just bad all together. sorry. it was a good poem, we really liked it. 2 thumbs up
This poem was really good and i really enjoyed it especially at the end which seemed like the climax of the poem. Strong Finish!!! Keep up the good work.

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