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I wrote this poem upon learning of the impending death of a man I love, and of his son's response to what he thought would happen to his father.

In Shane's Eyes

Someday soon, my Dear Shane,
when you look into
the starry skies
a twinkle will beckon you;
Yes, that is your father.

And someday when I look into
your eyes so blue,
and touch your hair
of gold,
I too will see your father.

For as long as we live,
he will never leave us,
You with your star
and me
with the face
of your father
to see everyday.

Yes, Shane,
Daddy is a Star.
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16 Visitor Comments

It was very real to me . It hit home.
I really enjoyed this poem. A couple years ago my friend Shayne's dad died of cancer. Now just this year in September he died in a car accident. He was 16 years old and one of the best people to ever walk! I want him to know that. And the poem was great! R. I. P SHAYNER I LoVE YOU
This poem really touched me and made me cry. It is simply beautiful.
very good poem just to let the little boy know that his father will always be there for him and that how much his father really loves him even though he is not here any more all the luck for the future and my full sympathy
That was simple beautiful, it made me cry, i can relate, not becasue a father or anything has died, but my auntie died and my cousin who is 5 now, 3 at the time didnt understand, so my uncle always told him my auntie had gone to be a star, and that she was always watching over him. )
in july a little boy realy close to me lost his father. he was very close to me also. i think your poem was very touching i enjoyed alot. thank you
This poem was very painful. My son is a precious 3 years old and we lost his father on November 19, 2003, and we have told my son that his father is a star and to be happy whenever he sees one. Thank you for putting my feelings into words.
your poem was very touching even though i can't relate to it it mad me cry and i'm only 13 and i can understand it i just hope that doesn't happen to me.
this is a very touching poem.
this poem was very weird because my x boyfriends name was shane and he lost his dad from a heartattack and it was weird b cause he looked just like him your poems great!
this was a really good poem and very sad i am sorry about your father
Shane I believe that your dad is a star too. This poem is great.
this was really good i hope you write more it was every touching and i liked it a lot
What a beautiful poem. Especially when I have a son named Shane that also lost his father last April. And he was Shane Sr.
this poem was very touching!
this poem really touched my heart i have a brother named shane and this reminds me of him

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