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This poem was written the day we found out that my friend, Angela, was in a car accident. She died about a week later. I went to visit her in the hospital but the doctors wouldn't let us see her because the injuries were so bad. She was only 14 years old! Her sister had to have lots done to her face, but she lived. I miss Angela so much! We were best friends.

My Star

Breaking through the darkness I see no light,
I'm in a dark mysterious night.

In the corner of the room,
My tears no longer can be consumed.

I walk over to a little shining star,
What is it? It seems very far.

Closer I walked to the star,
Then I stop, it's the head lights of a car.

The car comes and goes through me,
It flips and tumbles and hits a big tree.

Soon other cars were there,
The lights from them looked like a fair.

They pull two bodies from the car,
I see one of them, it was my star.

I followed it to a small room,
And I enter it I hear a familiar tune.

There's a small little bed with a small child,
As the doctor left I waited a while.

I approached slowly and I saw,
My good friend lying there looking so dead.

I collapsed in agony and cried,
I told her don't you dare die!

But too late. She grew pale and was gone.
But she went inside of me.

And through her friends,
She said to us, I'll be with you till the end.
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122 Visitor Comments

my friend died in a car accident 4 months ago. she was only 17 and she was everything to me. she was my star. i really like this poem.
I really liked it!
woooooooooooooooooooooow i absolutly loved your poem im no great poet myself but i find that writing poems out on paper is a way to express my feelings! its kind of weird but. i know how you feel about losing your gran i felt the same way when i lost my gran! she died of lung cancer and i was next to her whe she died she wouldnt let go of my hand and it was soooo sad i absolutly love your poem it was great-!
this poem really touched me because a friend of mine was in a car crash she was serioucly hurt but shes fine no i havent seen her since a month before the crash it was a hard time of me because i had sais some things about her which i regret she coached me in a sport i have now dedicated my life to that sport i will be a champion for my friend my friend who i will probably never see again
Its sad but so true. A fellow classmate of mine just died and i know wat exactly this poem is talking about.
your poem was great i lost a friend when i was 15 i know what it is like she fell from 3 stories high and hit the pavement and died 1 week later your poem really touched me
this is perfect! helped me with my hwkkk dont worry i put quotes :P Thanks!
i love the peom that you wrote can you give me sum tips?
this is an awsome poem and i am giving it to my sister because her names starr! thanks soooo much!
this poem realy touched me. its a very wonderfull poem. ill give it 100% its so cute n sad.
thank-you for this poem, it really hit home to alot of us. My god -daughter past away September 9th, we haven't been able to see her or say goodbye because her brother and sister are down in Cincinnati(Shriners)and we have been busy trying to comfort them and make sure they are going to pull through this incindent. They were all involed in a truck and tree accindent, which took the life of our fourteen year old little girl and put the other two in the hospital. There is no body to hold or even kiss because she was unable to get out. I now realize that there are others out there, but I am having a hard time dealing with the thought of not having a body to hold or see or kiss or bury. This poem helps me ! THANK- YOU
this is a really good poem! i no how u feel i lost a bes friend on sept. 24,2006 to a car accident she was dead on arrival and was only 15 years old. "rip amber"
This poem really hits the spot, my twin who was 14 and my mum both died in a car accident last week. It doesnt seem real it hasnt sunken in yet. I am just thankful my brother and dad didnt lose their lives aswell
Beautiful. this touched my soul
Hae, I love your poem, i lost a friend in a car accident 2yrs ago in november. she died instantly left us all shatted and even till this day i miss hur like crazy. i feel for you :)
I really loved your poem it reminds me of my friend she died in a car accident 3 months ago and it is really hard to lose a friend i know the way you feel sorry about your loss
wowwww. really it's a gr8 poem i like it so much
the reason i like your poem, is becuase it made my believe again. it made my believe that best friends do exist and that true friend care for each other and that girl was lucky havign a friend like you in this world.
Oh my gosh! What they must have gone through! I promise you I will pray for them. The Lord has not and will not forget them. He is right beside them. God Bless
I lost one of my friends last year in a car accident! she burned to death after her car aught on fire because she was with a drunk driver! I know how it feels to lose someone that you care about! i miss her so much and i just wish that i could have told her good-bye! In Loving Memory Of: Shanell Jane Williams July 6, 1991-October 15, 2005
It was a beautiful poem it touched me from my own experiaces. Bri Biggs is a person that has talent that everyone should know about. I will tell everyone about this poem. Bless You.
It is so good,its lovely,The moment i read it,i sated feeling smthing inside of ,i nearly cried.
i just was recently in a car accient 12/7/05 and so was one of my best friends, adn she didnt make it . i never lost some one close to me and its the hardest thing in the world. theres not a day that goes by that i dont think of my little angel. its just not far she was only 14 years old. and it was all becuase of drunk driving. so please dont ever drink n drive its that worst take my advice u never want to go through what every one close to me or alyssa went through.
Hi, I lost a best friend, but ti was too cancer so I do kind of know hwo you feel! You just have to keep thiunking of the good times and no that they are there with yu all the time! I will never forget her! R. I. P Sam Miss you! xxxxxxx
that was a good poem
your poem was touched me dearly,i went through the same thing at sixteen so the feelings were quite true for me
IT was really good.
Your poem is really good
well i lost a close person in a car accidant 2 and it was really bad this poem touched me inside thanx for writin it
This poem really spoke to me because I have had someone really special die before-my boyfriend- and it was really really painful. I give whoever wrote this poem all my respects and my love. I know what they've been through. I give them the credit for it. Love, Sophie
omg this poem made me cry all day
it is very good and thurthful
this poem has touched me because i have writen poems before and this one is just amazing to me i love it very very much!
i love this poem! it really touched me. thank you for sharing it with me! Thanks. Adi Jeanne
This poem touched me so much. On October 7, 2005 I lost my best friend Brittany and her little brother Devin in a car accident. Brittany lost control of her 1994 Honda Civic and collided into a bridge. I never really liked many of her other friends. Britt is a year younger than me and in another grade that's my reasoning for not liking her other friends and another thing it was always us. no one else. She was only 16 and Devin was only 13. When I read about the accident and the 2 bodies and seeing your friends die and about her being your star all I could think of was Britt and Dev (that's what I called them) So thank you. It helped a lot. RIP BDC -n- DMC
it was a great poem i really liked it, it was sad but it was pretty i give it 2 thumbs up
I think this was a really good poem My brother and his best friend also died in a car accident about 2 years ago, So I can relate to this poem and the feelings
just a wonderful heart felt poem!
This is beautiful and Im so very sorry for your loss. I know it means nothing from someone who didnt know you or your star but I understand.
A week ago a good friend of mine passed away in a car acciedent and its been really hard. Reading your poem really helped me. god bless you in everything you do
I love this poem. Made me cry, because I lost one of my really close friends 2! Really hard thing! Great job at writting this poem, srry about ur friend dying 2!
You must be a very strong person inside to be able to write about something like that. you sould be proud of yourslef. Your peom is really deep, i nearly cried. I wish that your friend could see the poem that you have written for her. please stay strong x
hi, i know how you feel because i have lost to of my best friends in a horrible car accident but they were on bike and 2 cars hit them and i miss them so so much and i didnt know what to do! R. I. P taylor and Caleb we miss and love you guys!
I really liked this because 7 months ago i lost a very special person he was thrown from the car he was driving he was onle 3 to 4 mins away from being home he took off his seat belt too soon or maybe he might still be here with me now!
Wow. that was a great poem. I know how u feel when yopu lose somebody close to you. I lost my dad when i was six years old. Til this day i cant belive his gone. The only thing i can say now is. Keep your head up. She always looking after you no matter what goes on in your life.
omg i absolulutely luv your poem i lost one of my very very closest frineds he was like a brother 2 me he killed himself im very sorry 4 ur friend kudos for the poem muchos
bout time a poem like this was written!
your poem is very good and very sad i have just lost a very close friend my self and wanted to write a poem for him and you have inspired me.
Recently my best friend Jenna died in a car accident. She was 17. I can really relate to this poem because almost everything written was the same situation for me. It hurts so much, but reading a poem like this is helpful when you are feeling down. Thankyou!
This poems is very touching and rememinds me of all the deaths that have been here recently by where i live. It's been so bad 4 people have died in car accidents i the last 5 monthes. And one girl was in a coma for almost 2 monthes but made it. This was a very good poems and touching me in many ways.
I thought your poem was really good. I just had a friend pass away this past Saturday when he was on his way to work he fell asleep and hit a tree before anyone found him he bleed to death on the inside. So keep up the good work on your poetry.
well, my ex-boyfriend died in a car accident six days ago. i loved him very much. well, he went driving with his friend and they both past away. this poem really hits the spot that he left in me.
I really like your poem it was just the kind of poem i was looking for. I think you have a talent and you should write more. You rock!
i know how you feel because on july 18th 2004 will be a year for my friend angelina(angie) she was only sixteen years old when she died she died in a car accident. she was the only friend i ever lost and i didnt know how to handle it. i cried for about a week in a half but the thing that got me through it was my friends and family. till this day i just look back on the great wonderful tmes that we did have and sometimes i cry cause shes not here to do anything with me any more. s oon this sunday (7/18/04)i will be visiting the pole that her cousins car striked a year ago. but ill stay strong cause ill just remeber the good times we had together adn all are freinds will be there to help each other out. so when you get sad just think about all the good times yous two had together.
i really loved that poem as it reminds me of well it actully reminds me of 2 things 1st my uncle was killed because of this drunk guy hit him and it kills me to know that my 4 year old cousin will have to grow up with no dad because of some stupid drunk driver. 2nd one night i was walking home with 2 of my buddies KALA and JAMES i herd a car come around the corner and just take james and kala with it. my best friend for 9 years died kala and james another close friend is brain dead. the thought that goes through my head every night "that could have been me thank you jesus"
I really enjoyed reading this poem. One of my really good friends Bernadette recently died in a car accident and your poem has helped me more and more each day. she is now my little star in heaven. RIP B
i really like this poem.
I really liked this poem. I did not lose a friend, but i have recently lost a grandmother, and i am losing a grandfather. Thispoem just put me in tears.
it was a wonderful peom and it brought a tear to my eye. i am so sorry for your loss.
I am sorry for ur loss and when i read that it brought tears to my eyes. You are a brave person in putting your feelings on this web and i loved it. it touched my heart as it did to everyone else's.
I really liked your poem. Yesterday one of my classmates from school died in a car accident, I had a couple classes with him and we sometimes talked. Since I lost my dad I have been having trouble coping with death and I just thought that this related to my friend so I just wanted to say I like your poem
this is a very sad poem! I lost 2 of my best friends about 2 years ago and i know how you feel! Keep your head up and keep praying. You will meet again someday!
that is such a sad poem remids me of me and my best frineds and hpw much i cried
i thought that this poem was very touching it reminded me of a time when a really good friend of mine was in a car accident but in my case he live but this poem meant a lot to me.
oh my gosh this poem is so sad. this girl has so much talent
This is very good. 2 friends of mine just died in a car crash on Tuesday, and this poem hit every single part of me. It made me cry. you did a very good job, good rhyme scheme
Hey i really like that poem i think that drinking and driving should be stopped some how and have higher tech stuff to save lives so this poem was great i give it like a 12 out of 10
i seriously wanted to cry when i read your poem. you said it better then i could ever have done. as i just recently lost a friend that was killed by a train. so i know what you r going through. sorry about your loss, just be string for the ones that you have lost.
Wow. It's so hard to loose someone u love. i bet you think about it a lot. i dont know how i could handle or go on with life if i lost my best friend. Your poem makes me think. your a great writter and im sorry about your friend. god bless you.
I really liked this poem because here recently two of my really close friends got killed by a drunk driver. They took Matt off of life support and Eric died instantly
I had a close friend that died in a car accident a year ago in November. Everything you said in that poem reminded me that there are other people out there going through the same thing. I am sorry about your friend.
I had a friend die before thanksgiving. He was on his way to see us and he died and his sister lived. Another friend died 7 months later in a accident too. This poem tells alot.
we really liked your poem. we lost a really close friend in November of 2002. She was in a car wreck about a block from our house. we are very sorry for your loss and we love your poem. we hope you are dealing with it and we hope we can learn to deal with Alyse's death.
hey i love the poem it relates to me so much my friend died in a car accident and i just took it sooo hard so thanx for relating
ur poem touched me for i lost a friend a couple months ago i wanted to let u kno that i kno what ur going threw and to always keep ur head up
iliked your poem its really sad,im sorry about your friend i cant imagine how bad you felt God Bless
This poem made the lost of my friend,who died three days ago, easier. I could not think she's not alive somewhere.
I have to say that this poem is really touching, as just the other day my friends were in a car accident and one of them died, but thankfully the others are ok. Death is a sad thing in our lives but we have to cope with it, and you show this in your poem, " My Star"
I love your poem! I don't know how you feel but I can just imagine. My condolenses go out to you!
I am sorry about your friend.I don't know how i would react if my best firnd died. God Bless
This poems is a really good poem i like it because it remines me of my cousin who died in a car. not to long ago she had to live her kids and everything and their father had already died not long before that he had killed him self in arizona with a gun after killing his wife that why this poem make my family members all cry when we read it life sometimes isn't fair but you have to deal with it.
reading your poem made tears come to my eyes it reminds me of my friend Feather i love your poem and i know how it feels
This poem was great.I am sorry about your friend death.
i love your poem. one of my really good friends just got hit by a truck about 2 weeks ago.she's still in a coma and her chance of recovering is really small
This is one of the best poems I've ever seen! It is so sad and beautiful. I cried so much when I read it! It's great!
that was an amazing poem.and i feel your pain because i lost my best friend on august 3, 2001, he was my best friend for 14 years.and i miss him so much! thank you for sharing you peom My Star
Wow! This poem really touched me! I too, lost a friend to an accident. I know what you're feeling. May your "Star" always live inside you!
I'm Truly Sorry About Your Friend.. I Understand The Pain You Went Through. But Now She Is Set Free!
The poem was sad but really good. Because back in January my best friend died in a car wrenck. I was with her but she didn't have a chance to go to the hospital she died right away.
I really like this peom. I means alot to me because on easter 2001 my best friens Samuel died in a car wreak so I feel your pain and I'm sorry for yu loss.
It was a great poem, it described the way my best friend died when we were going into the fourth grade. Its a wonderful poem!
this was such a good poems and it is sooo true i like it sooo much keep on writing the poems
great poem.i cried the hell out of me.i can't imagine the pain you ve been through
I have never criend so hard after reading a poem!
i really like this poem and im sorry for your loss im one of the lucky people that has never had to exsperiance a loss and i hope i never will good luck and keep writing :) this poems very touching!!!
THis is a really good poem. One of my friend just die 5 days before thankgiving.
I though this was a great poem nothing like this has ever happend to me but i don't know what i'd do if it ever did and i praise you for being so stong.
thank you
you poem was very would of never thought that it was going to be her friend that know how to touch the readers imagination.
All I can say is Wow! It was great and I can relate to it. This poem put into words how I feel and still feel about losing one of my dearest friends.
it's awesome my best friend died last night and the poem really got to me..i love it !
i can so relate to your poem b/c recently my like really good friend got into a car accident and was killed i miss her soooo much!! thank you for writing this it reminds people that there love ones hanvent left them! *theres not a day that goes my i dont think of my fiend but i know shes in heaven watching over me & that what gets me through everyday!! THANK YOU@!!!
this poem is awesome she really is a professional
I had once decided not to love anyone, just to avoid this sort of pain. But now I regret the days I've lost and thrown away with merciless solitude. What a true friend can give to you, is something no one can describe if never felt it. You simply learn how to love, openly and just for love's sake. That's why friends should never die - but the poet is right: our love keep the ones we love forever living. Amazing poem, I love it :-)
This poem is sooo sad! Every time i come to this site i always end up reading this poem.
Awsome Poem!
Great poem I am so sorry for your lose.I have been there so many times because my best friend got hit with a car so if you need any help write back
I lost a friend last summer and I think that you are a very good writer
This is a great poem and I am sorry about what happened to your friend I had a close friend that died two years ago and I know it is a hard thing to go through.
I felt the pain that you had when you wrote this poem and I knew when I heard It I knew it was me I felt the sam way when my gram died Thank you.
great poem
that was a sad but a really really great poem
loved it!
I love this poem. MY STAR! Thanks for understanding people and knowing how to tell people about there star!
This poem was amazing. Your a fantastic poet. keep up the good work and let me know when you have more poetry on here I'd like to read more by you!!
i understand what you are going through because my aunt died from a drunk driver and i miss her to.
I picked this poem becuz it touched me.Four years ago my best freind Derek died. He was in a horrible car accident.This poem reminded me of what happened becuz he was my shinning star and he will always be. He was talking at a young age of 9 but look on the bright side he went earlier but got to stay w/ our heavinly father longer!

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