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This poem is about the death of my first love, James. I actually wrote it a few years ago, but it's by far the most special to me.

December's Tears

Prepared to rest
lay still, my James
to become of the earth
to blend with the rain.
Mother Nature's gentle hand
had slapped me in the face
when I learned that my true love
had traveled to a lonely place.
Stars, never seen again
by his lovely eyes
His lips never touched again
despite my bitter cries.
Petals sleeping on the ground
marks the place my love is found
and when the cold wind sobs his name,
know my James is cold, but safe . . .
And though December's sun is gone,
in its place, his love shines on . . .
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13 Visitor Comments

ingrid jessica
this poem really touched my heart. i dont know how will i react on this poem. my boyfriend for 4years and 3 m0nths passed away in a car accident together with my dad. my dad survived but my boyfriend didn't make it. This poem really triggered my emotion,,,December's Tears!im voing for this because we are celebrating our anniversarry during 25th of Dec. I cant help but cry,,,,,I know someday im gonna learn to accept the truth but deep inside my heart,,,he's always here and im looking forward that someday if my time's come,,,we will be together again.
that was a beautiful poem. i've lost loved ones, but i try to stay strong for my mother. she's been through alot. i don't know what i'd do without her. i hope you can find good in your life. god bless
A poem from the heart! I burst into tears as I came to "that my true love traveled to a lonely place". I lost my dearest six years ago. I'm still grieving.
My heart hurts everyday. I saw my favorite cousin, my best friend shot and killed in front of me 2 weeks ago. His name is James "jimmy". This poem hit home.
Wow. this is absolutely astonishing. loved it.
Wow is the only word to discribe it. I have lost three people I cared about in the past 10 months, one of which was my best friend. I've written many poems and read many as well, and this kind of described how I felt, only in a different type of relationship. It was very touching.
My darling husband Jim (James) recently died on 12th. December. This is so beautiful & poignant
I thank you so much for your poem. I am 17. I Have a nine month old son. His father commited suicide 3 months ago and it has been really hard on me. Your poem touched me deeply. Maybe I will be okay who knows.
I want to thank you for writing this poem. I recently lost my boyfriend, my first love and i assumed noone else had ever had anything like this happen to them so i thank you for having written this it means so much to hear from someone else so Thank You.
Really touching. I loved it.
This past summer I've lost 3 friends, your poem touched my heart.
Okay I am fighting back tears at the moment.My friend was killed in a car accident on december 1st of 1999 and this really hit home with me.It is sad but oh so true how we think of them and just can't forget our memories and it is so tough.Just remember that there are others out there like you and that your poem was wonderful.
This poem was very even brought a tear to my eye

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