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This poem is basically concerned with grief and how the pain of a deceased love one and their memories continue to haunt one's soul.

Terror Within

The stars in the heavens shine down upon this dark and lonely abyss,

This black sultry night
Called Grief

When then sun arises to awaken the morning dew,
And when the birds sing their songs of love and hope,
When the angels stand upon the silky sands,
And sing their songs of love and hope,

The darkness within the soul of a mortal
Will once again be ridden of that pain,
And he will live once more

But as the sun sets upon the starry night,
That pain called grief will return once again
To haunt, and to terrorize the mortal man.
With every waking moment, every point in time
And with every breath, the soul breathes in,
Stones of ancient times, and immense measure,
Will pierce the body, the soul, and the mind;
And grief will once again rein free.

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3 Visitor Comments

I have to say this reminds me of the way I feel since the loss of my 5 babies. But sometimes, even the days are too much to bear, sometimes all that can change a happy day, is to see a child playing.
your poem is one of the only poems that i believe encompasses all of the feelings i had over the loss of my brother. i guess all i can say is thanks.
Things within me scare me and I don't know what they are, friends family, growing, life? The answer I will find someday I know that, but I can't wait until. Your poem gave me strength somehow I loved it!

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