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A loved one isn't necessarily someone we knew to a full extent or someone we visited frequently. That's why the death of a loved one who is far away is always so hard, and even when no one can understand the pain and sorrow you feel, you know it's there. Even if you didn't know them.

Not Knowing You

I never knew you,
I never met you,
But yet, you loved me,
And I loved you.

I never hugged you,
I never kissed you,
But now I long for my home,
I long to know you.

Now it's tool late.
It's too late to say hello,
It's too late to say goodbye,
It's to early to shed tears,
And to early to say you are gone.

But I know your departure is near,
And you have decided to leave everything behind,
Knowing you've lived a full life,
With ups and downs.

You are headed for the light,
You are heading for eternity,
You are heading for true love,
You are heading for eternal life.

It's too early to say good bye,
It's too late to say hello.
I love you,
Even if you don't know me.
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14 Visitor Comments

This peom was so touching. I just lost a man i never knew but feel ever so conected with. On April 8 2006 my youth group and I watched a man drown in the Bow river at Banff, and we couldn't save him. Though we helped to pull his young son out of the water and get him warm before the cops showed up and attempted to give the dad c. p. r. Unfortunatly he didn't survive but we all feel so conected with him even though we don't even know his name
this is a really great poem!
this poem made me cry so much. i just lost my mom i am 14 years old and i didnt really know my mom and she didnt really know me. the poem is awsome.
i like this poem because my both uncules died when i was really young i didnt ever knowing them. thnk u for the poem adrianna.
I give this poem the highest rating a poem can have because it allowed me to remember how i felt about my father whom died when i was only 3
Adriana I loved this poem because on Hallowen morning this little boy diedin a car accident and I didn't even know him. I wrote a story about safety to let people know that cars are not toys, and that they can lead to serious injury or death, and I decided I wanted this poem to go along with it.
maybe this isn't what it mean't. but i use to have this aunt who died when i was 3 and everyone just absoloutely loves her. they'll tell stories of her and i'm like 'wow i really wish i knew this person' and she ofcourse loved me the first year she met me before she died and i really don't at all remember her and i wished i did because i have this empty gap in me
so sad
your poems expresses my feelings, i cant really explain it but recently a guy from my neighbourhood killed himself and it maybe sounds very strange but i feel so connected to him.. i'm obsessed and i want to know everything about him. i love him.. your poem is very verrrry good! it really shows your deepest feelings
Your poem touched me in ways other poems have not. This is a very beautiful poem. Please know that I understand.
I think this is a great poem, Adriana...I hope it was'nt your soulmate you lost....I'm sorry.
This was a really nice poem and you would be a really great profesianal if you really put enough time and efort in to it
I thought your poem was very touching and beautiful
Something like this recently happend to me and I really like how you put it all down in words. sounds really nice.

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