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While caring for one of my patients, I watched a mountain of a man humble himself before his mother. The love in his eyes and the way he talked to her spoke volumes.

Saying Goodbye

As I sit and hold your hand,
I think of how I became a man.
It was your love that nourished me
And made me what I chose to be.
Now that you will soon be leaving,
Know that I will spend a lifetime grieving;
For you, my mother, gave to me
A lifetime of love so naturally.
Reflecting on memories of our past,
The love you gave will always last.
Always mindful of my needs,
To succeed in life you planted seed.
The hardest thing I'll ever do,
Is to say goodbye when your life is through;
For you have been my dearest friend,
And it breaks my heart to see it end.
This poem is inspired by my patient's
son. Devoted to his mother, he spends hours
holding her hand and talking of their past.
She will leave a legacy of
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22 Visitor Comments

so heartfelt. no need for any more word's
i liked it
Wow, this poem is absolutely amazing, and the imagery was just stunning, i could actually picture a grown man sitting beside his mothers hospital bed, talking softly to her. I had tears in my eyes Love claire
This poem will remain in my mind forever. It is a perfect representation of what I just lived. I am 26 years old and just last week, I sat by my mother's bedside and held her hand for 3 days straight while she lay in the hospital slowly dying. This poem expresses almost word for word what was going through my mind at the time. Having lost my father earlier this year, I have had some time to reflect. I would like to thank the author of this poem for making an everlasting impact on my life.
This was a wonderful poem, I lost my mom who was everything to me on September 5, 2005. I held her hand for hours and just talked. Doctors say that hearing is last sense to go so I know she heard me. This really helped me know that other people express their feelings. Thank You!
My mother glenda gunder died in a car accident in febuary of 2006,its been three very long months and it still hurts. She had cancer and heart problems,her time was coming soon,but no one thought she would die that way. But I got to spend 9 great months getting to my Mother again,before the accident. She left behind a legacy of love and respect for all. She left behind 3 boys and 1 daughter. we will miss her. She live on in are hearts. Your poem I related to it 100 percent. Thank You very much for letting me voice my comment. Sincerly Dewayne Vaughan.
There is just some thing about a mothers love,you can,t replace it.
I know what you are going through but what happened to you happened to me but with my father and i want you to know that you should not biuld it up inside of you, you should tell some one about it otherwise it will get harder to tell anyone.
I really loved it. I just lost my grandmother and you just decribed what I can't let out yet-thanks.
this poem is awsome its sad abns i read it at school and almost cried in class. sorry for what happened but itll get better
This poem is really good i know how it feels to have lost someone i lost my father 4 weeks ago thank you is was grate well don .
Very nice poem. It expresses in very few words the love a Mother has for her children.
I love this poem, I'm not a guy but I lost my mother less than a week ago. My mother was everything to me and I had to watch her battle 4 different sorts of cancer for 8 and a half years. I spent everyday with mum in the hospital and on the last day she was alive I begged my father to let me stay with her the night but he didn't want me to. Then at 5:30am the next morning my family is waking me up saying I have to go to the hospital straight away. I then spent the next 2 hours holding her hand while she lay dead in her bed. I just couldn't let her go. Her funeral was yesterday and the turn-out was excellent, there were hundreds of people there and my school even did and exam earlier so my friends could make it to the funeral to support me. It was hard but I got through it. Thank you so much got this poem, it really hit me hard, thanks.
As I have lost my mom,my dearest and only friend and my companion, 5 months ago and can not come to terms withit. I found this poem said everything that I felt and needed to say. Thank you, for the oppurtunity that I had to read this poem and in doing so I could "read" my own sorrow and pain through your pain, sorrow and pain. Warmest Regards Helen SOUTH AFRICA
To read this poem, ment alot to me - for I have never hade a mother to cear about. I could only say It was one of the most touching things I've read yet !
A truly wonderful poem, remids me of a friend who held her fathers hand in such a similar way. Well Done on an excellent emotive poem
i really liked this poem . my best friends dad just died. and he said he liked it. and he dont really like portry so i was amazed that he said he liked it . im sorry about the kid who this was dedicated to and i hope he has a long life of happiness
Pauline. That is a beautiful poem. I have lost all my grandparents and my mother and father so I can really relate.
Brought tears to my eyes.
that is a very nice poem keep up the good work/
this was a very good poem i just lostmy grandmother and it was a very good poem

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