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This poem is about my mother who died a little more than four years ago. This is poem, I dedicate to her from my heart and soul.

Alive No More

She lies there unable to speak
Gasping struggling for her last
Breath of air.

The disease won -
Her heart stops beating,
She struggles no more,
She is no longer alive.
Her spirit is gone.

The funeral sad - very sad.
Putting makeup on a person
That is alive no more -
How pitiful is that?
She is no longer alive.
No kind of makeup will change that.

People come offering their condolences,
Thinking maybe it will ease the pain a little bit.
They are wrong, so wrong.
No words will ease the pain
Of knowing that your mother is dead.

Your mother the one that gave birth to you -
She is dead.
Words will not heal,
Hugs will not help,
Tears will not bring her back.
Because my mother for
She is alive no more.
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20 Visitor Comments

wow. this really really touched me. my mom passed away exactally a year ago and i am now 14 its so hard. and this brings back so many memories. its now hitting really hard. and i have no idea what to do
I loved this poem because I also know what it is to lose a mother! i lost my mother at the age of seven.
I feel your loss! I lost my mom when i was 16 on november 7 2004. She died of Cancer at age 44. Im 18 now and still cant stop crying whenever i think or see a picture of her. I love your poem and a moms love is never ending!
I was just sitting here looking for poems to say how I felt about my mom dying a few months back and stumbled on to this. It was so painfully written becuase it is just so true! I felt the exact same way! Thank you for saying what I was thinking the entire time!
i feel like this in every line that was written are my exact feelings
wow that was very good and just how it is my mum died at 51 when i was 25 she had been to hell and back with cancer then died ov blood clot the start of your poem really brought it all back as that is just wot happened and no matter wot any one says or does doesnt matter any more it was very nice thanks
Beautiful poem. I just lost my mother and noone knows the pain unless they have lost there mother also.
I loved it. I am 18 and I lost my mother when I was 9 years old. I still remember her and her love. I miss her so much!
I thank you for writing that poem I feel ur pain because my mother passed away when I was 14yrs old of kidney problems it will be a year on May 10 R. I. P. Corliss Roberts Lewis 10-15-50 - 05-10-2005 MISS YOU ALWAYS I LOVE YOU !
I really liked the poem because it described the way i felt when my mom died. My mother recenty passed away this April of 2006.
I love that poem and I really felt where the reader was coming from because I also lost my mother some years ago.
I read you poem and it touched me actually made me cry my Mother passed away On febuary 5 of this year due to lung disease. Im still kinda of shocked but i agree with everything you said no hug can bring her back . All that keeps me going now is mom is finally at peace and for my mom thats all she ever wanted . she is not suffering anymore . thank you for writting such a beautiful poem
It tough me a lot.
I like your poem very much thanks for sharing
this poem really got to me because i lost my mother december 2003 she had cancer she was buried on christmas eve i still miss her very much more and more everyday
I was looking for something to put in the paper for the 1 year anniversary of my mothers death and I found it. May I use it?
My mother recently passed away due to complications of dibeties. It was a shock but i couldn't cry or have any emotions. this poem said exactaly what i was feeling with out me having to say it my self. So Thank you
A mother's love is so astounding. It touches every corner in your heart. Spiritually you will always share a bond that is like no other and is totally unique to your expiernces within her love. I loved and contiue to love my mother:Even in death her smile and her quite encouraging thoughts light my path.
My mother died of lung cancer on Oct 2nd, I was with her when she passed. Your poem really truely touch me, and spoke what was in my heart! NOTHING will ever ease the pain of losing a mother.
your poem was wonderful ,thats the way i felt when my grangma died just a few months ago on march 9.

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