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A poem for my dead grandfather. At the time of his death I was devastated. It was the first family loss I had experienced. And, to me, it was the end of an era in my life....childhood.

This was written in 1997. Almost one year after he died.

Thank You

A year almost gone
yet I think about it still.
Daily it passes through my mind.
Like the sound of a sad song.

A hero you were to me
Strong yet loving.
The memory will never fade
Your presence I will always see.

Trips to the junkyard
Helping you in the garage
Talking about the Huskers
Teaching how to drive a car.

A Veteran of the war so proud
you never backed down from a fight.
Such a gentle Grandfather
with a laugh so loud.

Daily, Images of You Pass Through My Mind..............

Sitting on the porch
watching the sky as
the Sun goes down.

A hot beef sandwich
from the Truckstop.

Smiling as you hold
a boxer in your lap.

Caring for those in need
Introducing me proudly
to them all.

Shrine circus and Christmas events.

Fishing for trout early Sunday morning.

Putting my move into perspective
as we sat next to the garage heater.

These images I will forever cherish

Unlike life,
they will never perish.

Seeing you that day hit me so hard.
I did not know what to say.

I cried for you then,
and I cry for now.
Though I know you are in a better place.

Thank you Grandpa Slade
for giving me the memories
for influencing my life
for letting me carry you
to your final place of rest.
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10 Visitor Comments

I really liked it it made me cry becuse every day i think of my grandapa sometimes I cry my self to sleep thinkig of him i really glad i read this poem it will stay in my heart i miss him so.
i know just how you feel my grandpa died 02-13-07 only three weeks ago and i miss badly he was every thing to me i hadn't seen him for 16 years but last year god smile on us my mom and i when he came to visit us here in brooklyn for whold summer which we had such a grand time with him. I will miss badly but soften by knowing he is with the great creator lord and jesus chirst. xoxoxoxo
Marylynn here , I am sending a comment about the poem that I read and it helped me to remember both of my parents that passed away and one was 5and a half yrs ago and my dad who just passed away 3 weeks ago and I didn't even get a chance to tell them how much I loved them both .
This poem really touched me. It really reminded me of my relationship with my Grandad. I miss him so much it physically hurts. He died 3 years ago, but the pain still remains. My Grandma died 2 years ago and I feel the same way. The pain eases through the years, but it will always be there. However I am put at ease knowing that we will one day be reunited. In Heaven. For Eternity.
hey, i loved your poem- i lost my grandpa about a year ago to, and me and my grandpa did all those things in your poem, everything just reminded me of him, i really liked it
hey just two weeks ago i lost my grandpa and that hurt alot so i understand how it feels and all in that poem beacause i have been experinceing all that since he passed
I thought your poem was extremly touching to me. I lost my grandfather when i was 9. He's been gone you 8 years now. I miss him now more than ever. He was my best friend and ment the world to me and i know how you feel.
This is really a beatiful poem, I swear I cried. I lost my grandfather two years ago and I miss him so much.
this is a wonderful poem. i can relate to it because i lost my grandma not to long ago so i know what you are feeling in this poem. You have a lot of talent. It was a really good poem.

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