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Just a poem about those special one you meet on ICQ. It is dedicated to a special woman - she knows who she is.

Where R U On ICQ

Upon this line I found you,
on a little proggie called ICQ,

this ocean called the internet,
you threw me an electronic net.

now you have me and what r you to do?
will you keep me locked away in ICQ?

braving the dangers and the threat,
will I c u is that what u choose?

or will I remain just a name,
and you hidden from me just the same.

Can we realize such a dream,
or always disconnect so safe, so clean...
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13 Visitor Comments

An outstanding poem that speaks volumes with few words. Who among us in the Technoage has not had such an experience? The ability of Tekkobra to put it into words is sublime.
I thought it was a lovely, fantastic and exciting poem. It touched me in places i never knew i had. kinda reminds me of the relationship I'm having with someone on msn.
It touched me like only a good poem can. My soul mate is scared to ask me out. she is in florida. and im in england. cant blame her really. but i know she wants to, she hinted manytimes. and im too scared to ask her out.
This is a glorious thing that it is archived for posterity, so that all can see it and cry happy tears. Voted 100%
good poem
this poem was really really sweet. i just loved the way you were able to use computer terms and still express yourself emotionally. I toO met a love online unfourtunately it didnt work out. luckily we are still friends though so this poem made me think of him and the good times we shared. on and offline.
I loved ur way of expressing so complex emotions
I love this poem..its everything that i feel about my girl & more witch we met on icq
i love this poem it is exactly what i am going through right now. thank you
Exactly how I felt when I first met someone on the net that I have grown to love.
I like the poem cause it reminds me whats going on with me and my girl on the net. I been readin alot fo peoms to write one myself and your peom here gives me a few good ideas but i wont have anyhting close to what u have.
This poem is everything that has happened to me and my love. Love the poem . I will pass it own..
that was a simply amazing poem.very touching.

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