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I'm a romantic soul, living in Belgium. Love has been my part in the past, and now the Internet (ICQ) has brought it back. Still wondering how.

Suddenly she was there, right before me on the screen. Living in another part of the world and yet so close. We called ourselves 'online- friends', then 'online' was left away, and now the impossibility itself happened.

As Long As You Are

Can't count the miles,
you're away from me.
Can't count the moments,
you're so close to me.

Never thought my heart would sound this beat,
but heart and thoughts were incomplete :

. . . You were not there.

How can this be wrong ?
This feeling deep inside, so strong.
In God's hands, we will share our heart.
It never ends, over and over again, a new start.

Never knew life could be so tender . . .
To this life, to this love, to you, I surrender . . .

. . . Now that you are there.

Heart and soul
body and mind
silence and sound
to you I send it all
sweet and kind
with love all around

Never thought I could feel this way, this way
loved, blessed and sheltered
loving, blessing and sheltering,
day after day after day,

. . . As long as you are there
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16 Visitor Comments

i feel this is very real in my life right now as i am trying to find the one i want for life
Me and my girlfriend have been having trouble for a long time now. Tonight she said that she didn't think that are relationship could go much further than it already had. It is all my fault for her feeling this way. For the last few months I have been a jerk and a bad boyfriend and after many broken promises that I will change, she said that she was leaving me. After hours of crying I thinked I have her conveniced to stay. I really am sorry for all the things that I have done. I just want one more chance to make things better, to show her that she is the queen of my heart. I read you poem and it said how my soul was feeling. Thank you.
i like this poem.
I realy like your poem because it touched my herat. Made me realise that love is not always there for everyone. There is a moment and that many changes can be done by love. keep it up.
A well written poem expressing emotions which often leaves one stuttering if the words were to be told to someone special as described!
I feel your love as the day you wrote this poem for me. even greater. Thanks! Forever yours, Smiley
Thank you, Riki. I find this to be such a beautiful poem. It describes what I feel well. :) This is my first time to comment here, and among the poems I've read so far, this is what moved me while I was reading it. Needless to say, you are talented at what you do. :) I hope to read more of your work soon. Lots of happiness to you and the person you love. I hope you two make it! I think all of us who have grown to love through the internet know what it's like. I wish you both all the best.
i like that poem a lot. it's really relates to people. at least to people i know. keep writing!
your poem is very captured my heart.i would love to hear more of ur poems
Absolutely beautiful....Happy Thanksgiving........Blessings to you
I like it as if I am the one who wrote it.
Really inspiring! Keep it up! :)))))
this poem came from the heart i think i can relate to this poem. My mom died in 1997 it seems like a long time but really it isnt, after my mom died my dad became an alcoholic and so i was moved from state to state i would meat people and get to know them and then i ended up loveing them and after i told them my fellings and how i felt for them i was always told that i was moveing. we would try to keep in touch but then we started to move apart then it ened. So i mad up the rool no man no cry so i shut myself off from any boy that i liked and they liked me. I got real shy after that and so i did not talk to anyone so people started calling me freak and stuff like that i broke down inside. it has been a few years and things are a lot better i have a boyfriend that i love very much and have been with him for a year and a half i also moved to washington state and live in a helthy home.
i like it.. hhmmm seriously.. i really do.
I love your love poems very much, and i evern copy it and save it into my disk, so I will have a souvenier from you..This is a perfect poem for any couple out there because for my boyfriend and me, it is too perfect for us... God Bless you.. Hope you wrote some more...Good Luck in the future
A truly moving poem, i had a tear in my eye whilst reading it.

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