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This poem is about an ex- boyfriend I met online. We developed feelings for one another, but it never worked out.

Pieces Of You Everywhere

Melancholy as a child mourning the death of a pet, I stood looking
At the pillow
Where we lain.
Little white flakes fell from your head, landing there.
How gross that I set my silk in it.

Grosser still; I chewed your old gum
And liked the taste of your mouth still on it.
Nostalgia fills my brain
With the smell of desire.
With the smell of a vanilla candle.

Found your writing on my wall.
The ink still smeared
By your big fingers
Waving out your goodbye.
Crushing my innocent, loving, heart.

I want it all back.
Before the meeting.
My eyes so bright like the sun's smile.
You would still be just a voice.
Now you are stuck in my tears forever.
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5 Visitor Comments

I have been lived that phone. Not everyone is who they say they are on the internet. The lose of the person you thought they were is like a death.
This poem didn't touch me in a personal way, but it touched me because I felt like the person writing this was very clear at getting their feelings across to the reader. Very moving, very deep.
well. its a beautiful poem. the love which was before their meeting. i understand it completely. im going thru the same thing with my true love online. but i've never met him. so this poem makes me fear if this could happen to me. but it also makes me hold on to what i already have with him only tighter. thanx
Strong emotions painted with vivid strokes of the pen. I liked this very much.
this poem is so very moving... what is said and what is not said grips me in this one... love, heartfelt, innocent and wanting to go back to before it was ruined by reality... it's beautiful.

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