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A chance online meeting. Falling in love with the person on the other side. After many months, knowing you are soul mates, the first meeting the coming together of your hearts. Beating separately - until the day you become one, beating as one.


We were two
Me and you
We hadn't met
Nor touched yet
Our souls ached
Our bodies longed
For the two to become one

Over many miles
You drove with smiles
To meet your love
Sent from above
With souls aching
With bodies longing
The two would soon become one

An hour away
My love did stay
To him I went
And the day we spent
Satisfying our aches
Fulfilling our longings
The two became one

That day we both knew we were meant to be
I was made for you and you for me
Never again will our hearts beat as two
For your heart beats for me and mine for you

We are forever one
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7 Visitor Comments

Texas Rose, you are a great poet! your poem is simply beautiful. I am going to meet mine on the 17 Dec. '04 for the first time. Im in south africa and he is from australis. Your poem encourages me as well as makes me aware of the after pains . . . (bit scary) Thank you for allowing us to use your poetry.
I so love this poem! The situation you described in your poem is happening to me.
I liked this one it makes me think of the ONE over in TX I wait till we become one
Oh my gosh, this is a beautiful poem. it is so well written and i could feel it in my heart. i hope you continue to write poems because it is a wonderful talent.
This is happening to me!!!!
I almost cried. A month ago I met my online-love IRL for the first time, after 3 years of waiting.I miss him so much. I can still feel his lips upon mine.still see his eyes glittering in the candle light.feels his arms around me. OK, now I'm crying :(
This I LOVED. thank you.

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