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With messages and words , dreams can be fulfilled with the meeting of hearts, each meeting half way. Hearts are like magnets, drawn together.

Meeting Half Way

Your message came through to me
It said please meet me half way
Its just what you have dreamed of
I have found us a place to stay

It's a snug cozy country cottage
So serene in the morning mist
The more I read the message
I now knew I could not resist

Nothing more now need be said
Message all read , I had to depart
You have captured my sweetest dream
You're like a magnet within my heart

There you held roses at the gate
Then you poured the sweetest wine
Fulfilling promises we had made
As your body enfolded mine

Roses scattered in pink and red
On the bed you lay next to me
Yearnings and dreams we have had
Now our passions were flowing free

Morning awakened in your arms
We glanced the first light of day
Thanked you for fulfilling my dreams
We must meet more often half way
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5 Visitor Comments

God, this could have been written by me. We met in a chat room swopped numbers have text and talked endless times a day, and are in love. yet we have never met. but we are soon, we are going to meet half way. and it will be wonderful.
i really do like this poem its tight
that was the cuties poem i have heard in a long time
thank you - just what i wanted to say - beautiful
This poem is beautiful. I love the imagination and dreams here. I myself have dreamed of meeting my love half way. Thank you.

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