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I wrote this poem for two friends I've never met, who at the time had not met each other either. And still, they loved. I've met many others since then who fell in love on the Internet, but these two were the first for me. Two people in love. Two people who had never seen each other's face.

They were separated by a real-world ocean, but brought together by a cyber sea.

Cyber Seas

Nomadic sailors set adrift,
Faceless names in failing ships,
Endless paths through endless seas,
Sailing through infinities.

Two bows brush in darkest night,
Two hands touch in briefest flight,
Two souls meet unwittingly,
Small islands in a cyber sea.

A lantern lit by dual consent,
A ray of light both never meant,
Small beacon few can understand,
In search of welcome distant land.

Two boats joined in single ship
By hearts upon a common trip,
No longer faceless entities,
One island in a cyber sea.

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20 Visitor Comments

I loved the flow of the words. It was like water in a tide. Smooth sailing.
I just wanted to say that i read this poem a few months ago and then forgot where i had seen it =( I cannot tell you how excited I was to come across it again today. what a fabulous poem ! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and talent with those of us who dont know the words or way =)
yo ron ! u made me fall in love!
Such an artistic poem with words.It touch'es souls of those we love!
This was an AWESOME poem!^_~ I sent it to EVERYONE!
I'm in this situation too. I'm in love my best friend, eventhough he is across the ocean from me. I've shared these words with him. Your pictures are beautiful.
Such nice work. Thanks for sharing this unique way of looking at cyberlove. I find it very creative.
Very thought provoking poem and also highly descriptive.
So many poems...this one is deep and rich. Thanks!
Oh, this is perfect! I love it. I'm sending it to my special cyber-love right away! :) Thank you!
This poem has such a deep meaning. It pierces your soul and gives hope for all those that fell for a stranger.
Your poem touched on what I have been feeling for 3 weeks now, but am not able to express. Thank you for the insight and just so you know, you are a very talented writer. Than you
Your poem express words that I could not say on my own.It is very beautiful.
This is the Most incredible poem I have ever read. It really brings out the true feelings about CyberLove.
I loved this poem It hits the very heart of me
This poem is incredible. It describes perfectly the ache of being apart and the final reward of a long-awaited uniting. Falling in love over the internet is the hardest love of all, because of distance, but sometimes it is the best, because you fall in love with the person as they are, veil-free.
I really enjoyed the beauty of this poem.It brings forth images of what we all love the oceans,ships,mystery,lighthouses.A very good poem
I loved it.
Very beautiful poem! Hope that i can write as well some day!

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