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This poem I wrote outside of my church. I was having a very rough week due to personal problems, however found enlightenment through a grandchild who hugged me and told me she loved me, a very old woman who smiled at me as she shook my hand in church, and my best friend and roommate who has been an inspiration to a lot of my poems.

I Found God Today

I found God today through the eyes of a child
He looked up at me and he gave me a smile
He brought me such comfort for which I have longed
Through the eyes of a child I realized I belonged

I found God today in an old woman's face
As she held my hands, I felt God's embrace
From problems in life I knew I would prevail
Which I felt through her hands so old and so frail

I found God today in the warmth of a friend
Who has given me strength for which I can depend
When life had me down and I felt so depressed
I realized through my friend just how much I was blessed

I found God today when I searched for so long
And it's now I realize, he's been there all along
In family and friends and in all who I see
Each day I find God and now I've found him in me
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50 Visitor Comments

this is a really great poem well i found god yesterday
I know how you feel, I found him just about the same way but it was throught my own children's eye's. That is a very great poem.
I thought this poem is beautiful. thsnk you for sharing it.
As I was looking for encouraging words for my daughter's graduation book, words that would erase shadows of doubt for our amazing God, I was touched by your perspective and blessed by your poem. Thank you! I will share it with her!
That poem was beautiful. Because its true gods everywhere, though we might not be able to see him hes always there and will never leave us. That was a beautiful poem. It brought me hope. :]
This is the best poems I've ever heard! This poem just lit up my day!
God speaks to all who look at a child and SEES life as it is! Thank you, Tommy Q! Grace and Peace, David
Beautiful and touching!
This is an excellent poem, i was really touched by it. God Bless
this poem was great! it touched me because people are always looking for God. when God is everywherein your friend in your mother your father most of all in yourself!
so true. at times we seldom realize that God lives in all of us if we let him. I PRAY THAT WE ALL LIVE GODLIKE LIVES SO THAT OTHERS WOULD SEE JESUS IN US AND THROUGH OUR LIFESTYLES FIND HIM IN THEM TOO.
it touch my soul
I love the simplicity of this poem that shows how easy it is to see God around you. I put it in our weekly bulletin.
Your poems tuched my heart. I have found my God about 2 years ago. I have longed for him too. Like you said in your poem, he have always been there for me all along. Thank you for writing the poem to tuch others' heart.
God is surely happy about this poem
this poem is real good for another person to get closer to God. out of 5 stars i give it *****(5)
this touched my heart. how old r u? this is a nice poem bless madlean
This is truly touching. I know that God lives in all of us, and I feel Him in me every day. But, as this poem states, I also see Him in the eyes, smiles, and touches of others who are not afraid to allow Him to shine through them. Your poem is lovely, touching, and a beautiful tribute to our Lord. I truly enjoyed reading. Hugs, Patricia
THis poem really touched me
SUch a goood poem and soo truue!:):):)
I though that the pome was relly good i like it so much MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS BYE
beautiful! Simply beautiful!
This poem is truly touching it brought tears to my eyes!
It was touching and reminds us that God's love is everywhere and in every thing.
I love this poem it touched me deeply thanks for sharing it
This poem is Fantastic!
this poem is great i really liked it
this is a cool poem, keep writing.
WOW!You have found the Lord and others will find God through your wonderful poems. GON BLESS YOU MY BROTHER!
Thank you. What a wonderful poem.
Well done. I encourage you in the name of Jesus to continue praising him through your poetry
o my gosh that is the BEST poem i have ever reed! i'm 14 yrs old and following god and his word and i have never heard anything like that it was so good! Keep it up!
this is an awsome poem it is so much like me and if u dont mind i have copyed it and put it in my bedroom so everyone can see i really like it it is one of the best yet
This poem touched my heart today - it's awesome. Thanks Tommy! God Bless!
hey this is such a beautiful poem. Continue to encourage others through poetry.
I really like how you show the way God can be found in every human being, including yourself.
i liked your pomes they were really good.
Nice poem, makes me realize that even though I am having a difficult time right now with my special needs son, things are gonna be alright.
I love this poem. It is straight from the writers heart. I want to thank that writer for sharing his/her feelings with so many people.
I love this poem. The first time I saw it was on the Poetry Sharings Forum, and after that I have found it in many different sites. Sometimes I read it just because it's so wonderful, but other times I go and look for it when I'm feeling down and sad. Reading it always helps. Thanks for writing something so great as this - it has meant and will always mean a lot to me!
i like the poem.
I very much liked your poem. Keep writing!
Thank you for writing such a beautiful poem! Yes, God is in every single person. Mother Theresa is an excellent example-she saw God in every single person. Love god-he will never let you down.
My friend lost her ungle yesterday and I sent her this poem. I am not that religious but found it to be very nice. Keep up the good work.
Yes, Our Heavenly Father is everywhere we need him, Just ask and He is there. God Bless You
Thank you for an encouraging and powerful message within a beautifully worded poem.
This was such an awesome poem. I am so glad you found god. I am still struggling with my walk with god. This poem is so touching. Keep it up. I will always remember this poem.
I'm going through a hard time right now, and am wondering why, and what did I do, This poem helped me realize, God has never let me down and never will.
This poem is so touching. I was reading it and I started to cry. Realizing I needed to find God a long time ago,but only finding him a short time ago. This poem gave me the inspiration I needed to spread the word on

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