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This poem deals with one specific situation that frightens all Christians - friends long gone who we never shared our faith with.

One Simple Question

Enter in this life untold,
You lived life long,
you lived it bold.
Your time on earth is now complete
yet greater things are still to come.
Heaven waits for those who fall
to enter through its gates with awe.
Only walking through them tall
if long ago you made that special call.
A choice that then seemed trivial
Christ died and now you're paid.

Heaven waits for all to come,
but Jesus stands and asks,
"Did you ask me into your heart,
and did you give your best? "
Looking up at him you say,
"Yes I asked you in,
but scared I was to tell the rest,
now tears I shed for them."

Revelations speaks of tears,
"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. "
Now why the tears in Heaven?
Well let me tell you why,
they fall for those we left behind.
Guilty and ashamed we are,
all we could have said.
Why we didn't speak the truth,
deep inside we know.
Fear and Pride and Prejudice,
anger, shame, and guilt,
all that needed done back then,
was just to speak the truth.
Jesus Christ the Son of God,
the one and only way.
He died for me,
He died for you,
now we don't have to pay.
The price we know that sin brings on,
eternal death in every way.

Jesus standing over you
looks down and asks you this,
"What price were you willing to
pay to save a soul? "

Could you sit at Jesus's feet
and look him in the eyes.
Then honestly reply to him,
"Because I didn't have the guts,
to tell them what I knew,
their souls deserve to die."

Walking through this life we live
how many chances you could give,
that special gift that we hold dear,
the one true path that we see clear.
Take your friend, imagine this.
You both have died in heaven now,
standing side by side.
Your friend begins to turns to you,
you know what he will say.
"You knew this truth and all along,
you didn't tell me - Why?"
You're safe and sound in Heaven now,
but tears you still have shed.
They fall for friends long gone from you,
and what you should have said.
Tell them now, while still they wait
for once they're gone you'll know.
That what you didn't tell them,
is what would save their soul.

You feared what they might say to you,
you feared what they could do.
Eternity, this blip called life,
let's compare the two.
"Friends," you say, "would disappear."
What a friend we have in Christ.
Co- workers would turn on you,
what a worthy price.
Everything we do for Christ,
at least that's what we say.
I ask you then, this simple question,
don't answer till your sure.
How much to you, is one soul worth?
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28 Visitor Comments

What a blessing - and a rebuke. It cut to the quick as I recalled all throughout my life the times that I was too busy, too ashamed, too embarrassed. to tell about the love of Jesus Christ. The poem spoke to my heart in a powerful way; powerfully enough to make a difference in my life.
I glad that I saw this, it's make me see me.
I love this poem because it forces you to take a long honest look about your motives for not sharing the good news with others. Thank you for writing this poem!
It's hard for all believers but we must never make his sacrifice be in vain.
I like it because it tells the truth and it can open up the eyes of believers and let's us know that with Christ in us, we can reach out to them and tell others about Him no matter how they feel now, we can plant a seed in them and let God water it, and the poem is so true, and I've been the quiet type for a long time but I want to break out of that if it's holding me back from sharing Jesus with others, and I have been praying about it, and reading this poem has helped with that.
thankyou yurri. this poem really touched my heart about a friend i love and isnt saved.
Very touching. I've been a Christian for a long time but don't have the courage to share God's gospel and the way to salvation. This poem encouraged me to have strenght and partake God's way of salvation to my family, relatives , and friends. I have shared this poem also to my christian friends. Thank God for He always make a way for us.
This poem touches my heart. It's so true that we often forget to let other people know about eternal life with God. I just love this poem. It was well put together and heart felt.
This poem was inspiring to not procrastinate with the most important thing in life, but to truly shout it from a mountain.
This is such an inspiring poem. How true it is, that we are so afraid of what others might think if we talk about the Lord. Shame on us! We should be as inspired as this person. Great work!
live for him
absolutely Awesome! i loved it. Dont fear rejection from society! forget what people say, the only judgements we should hear are those from our maker. God bless and much love to all!
This poem really helped me see why I need to reach people and lost souls for Christ. He paid the price for us to save us from our sins and we must go unto all the earth and preach the gospel.
I loved every poem I read and this one to. God Bless
You have made a vary well put togather pome!You have made me think about all the time that i have helped poeple and i'm sure you have done your share. Others may not relize why you do the thing that you do but my grandmother always said when you help someone in need you will earn you stars in Heven. You keep up the good work and never give up.
U wouldnt believe how much this poem meant to me, I have asked Jesus into my heart, I have just been afraid to tell my friends about him, and what he did for them, for me, for u! But after reading this poem I know I will talk to them. thanks:) Heather
hi my name is nikole mysnyk. i to am a christian and beleive in the lord jesus christ. this poem helps you understand the important things he has instore for us. overall i love your poem. Merry CHRISTmas love nikole
This is a very good poem and worded perfectly,and tells the whole story of what and why we were born to be a person and what we are to do and where we can go when we die. To live forever in hell or live forever in heaven. God bless you all and make you a blessing to someone else.
this poem was beautiful and well written. Keep up the good work!
This poem has a great message to it, and everyone would do well to remember it.
Awesome poem! Really makes you think about what you could do for someone and what you do for them. Excellent!
Very inspiring!
After reading this poem, it really made me think, to think that I havn't been giving Jesus the outspoken praise that he deserves. I hope that God continues to Bless you in your journey, as you write more poems, and touch more lives. I hope that some poems have changed some lives like they did mine. God Bless.
That was an awesome poem because it's so true! So many days we talk about mediocre things that won't live past today, and as we dance around the truth, time is not their friend, and today might be our last chance to tell them that He loves them. It is awesome that someone would write a poem and post it for all to see so they might think about how their actions here affect eternity like a ripple in a pond.
The most touching poem I have ever heard.
That's wonderful! We believers should all tell more people about the mighty Lord and you have found a way to bring more people down on their knees. GOD BLESS YOU!
very well put and a great job and the truth well spoken keep it up
This is an awesome, thought provoking poem.
this is a wonderful poem, it really mad me think. Keep up the good work!

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