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This poem is about the amazing love that God has for us. It is talking about the hope and glory that one has when they know that Christ died for their sins.

Led By God

Led by God, I strive to live
As though any Christian did.
A life that was clean and just
A life like all believers must.
It's hard to say that all I do
I do for the Glory of God's Truth.
I try and try, but I have to accept.
that I can never be made perfect.
So glad am I that from this place.
I will leave and live in Grace.
Love was poured out in His Blood
from the Anointed of the Heavenly Dove.
Because of this, I do have hope
I'll walk the streets of gold.
Eternal Life has been given me.
I will eat of the life-giving tree.
After all that I have been through,
One thing, I know, is true.
That because God's Love will never cease
In Him, I have found my peace.
So led by God, I will strive to live.
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12 Visitor Comments

hey hey this is a really grest poem i think it is great to let express the way u feel about god
Wow, this poem well. I dunno how to say it. hmm. I'll just say that. IT ROCKS! Keep on writing this great poetry because a lot of people love the Lord- but not all! A lot of love is not enough love for the Man that made each of us with his own two hands AND sacrificed his only son so we could sin and be forgiven! JESUS ROCKS!
I have used Butes Poem LED BY GOD on my Daily Scriptures page. Thank you for the lovely poem Bute.
as soon as i started reading this poem i couldnt wait for the next line. this really intriged me as i am a christian.
Wow, this is a lovely poem! It is so true.
this poem really touched me because i just surrendered my life to the Lord on Friday ( July 15th, 2005)
This poem is amazing. It's exactly what is on my heart. GREAT job, keep writing. Jesus Rocks! :)
Heya, This poem is GREAT! It's really awseome to see such a powerful poem relating to walking with Christ! This poem relatates to my life before i was a christian, even now at times! It's truely amazing been a witness before christ!
I like this poem it opens up my mind even more to think wise. I enjoy our site. Good job.
i think this poem is lovely! the author must of been truly inspried to write it and i know because of their work, myself and others can be inspired by it ! well done and thankyou !
This poem is great,keep writing for our lord and praising him,I just love to see people in christ. god bless you
This poem is the best that i have saw before

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