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This one came to me in church when the pastor was talking about a cliff of morals, an image he saw for some people in the church. I was one of them, I strongly believe. You are so good, you really are. But you step to the edge and it is just about irresistible to jump, no matter how jaded or unjaded you are. After it's all said and done, God is still there for you.

A Jaded Angel's Plunge

I hang off the edge
of my cliff of morals.
As I dangle my feet,
brushing the air with my toes,
I know it was wrong to go this far.

But here I am, nonetheless,
about ready to plunge.
I never thought this would happen to me,
and I know it has
as I throw my arms open, falling.

When I hit bottom
it hurts so much it almost feels good.
The pain sets in and I go numb.
I cry out silently for a rope,
no one hears my screams it seems.

I climb back up
and there You are.
You told me not to jump,
I did it anyways.
I’m bruised and hurt,
tears have washed the dirt from my face.
I try and I try to hand myself over to You,
but I’m so scared.
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4 Visitor Comments

this poem is very good. it hit me like a sack of bricks. timptations should never get to you. and even when they do you shuold turn to god to help you get throygh your faiz.
Great poem it fits what I am experiancing with a friend.
Awesome. i love it

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