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Life gets hard sometimes. When someone attempts suicide, it only makes things harder. Praying to God and believing in Him is all you'll ever need.

My Regret (a Prayer)

I am sorry for what I did
It was a terrible thing to do
My frustration got the best of me
and I guess the stress did too

I promise I won't ever do
What I did that depressing night
It's just that I was sad
because my family and I had a fight

That fight had pushed me over the limit
and I did not know what to do
If I had really been thinking hard enough
I would have turned to You

If I ever get off that track again
I'll pray that You will help
It gets hard sometimes in the world today
and I often just think of myself

I never thought that what I did
would make other feel that bad
and when I think of what I did now
it really makes me sad

Sad for all the pain I'd caused
and for all of those shed tears
but I will not ever do it again
because I have You to calm my fears

You will calm my fears and everything else
including any strife
I learned that many years ago
when I allowed You in my life
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12 Visitor Comments

your poem touched me becuase i more then once tried to committ suicide but i kept on feeling the love my family has for me. it helps when you have someone to run to. love can hurt and even kill, but love too can make you strong in the mind and soul and heart. love is so powerful. but when someone violates your trust it kills it almost killed me. my dad battled depression for year then in the end he died from suicide in the year of 2005. i was only 13 and and now im 14 nearly 15 i lost my dad cross bestfriend. tell me that that can't kill you. you a great poet.
Wow!That's awesome poetry right their!I'm only 14 but far out that touched me aye!I'm a pretty hard out christian although i was not born into a christian family. I made the decision of giving my life to Christ!I so know where this person is coming from aye. I went through a pretty depressing stage & tried to commit suicide!It just fully touched me aye!Awesome stuff!
God bless you! This is one of the most wonderful poems I have read in a long time.
You are blessed, and your talent is beyound. I wish that I could do write sonething like this. You have a gift so keep writing and God Bless!
dude, that was the best ever. i know what thats like, but fair enough, god changed me. this poem just touched me that much, i couldn't stop crying. i love it!
This was a really great poem and life is really hard sometimes, but taking your life won't help. God can help you with anything you have problems with. Keep up the good work!
This poem really touched me. I know what feel the same way. I regret even think about taking my life. but all I had to do is turn to God and he would help. Keep up the great poems. God Bless
This really touched me. I lost someone to suicide and i just wish they could have told me how things stood like this author has.
I really enjoyed your poem. It reminded me of the feeling I felt when let God enter into my life.
Full of sincerity and beauty in this poem. Very encouraging to those in need.
That was an awsome poem! I had a friend who commited suicide August of 2001. It really hit me hard. He went to church and I guess nothing said there ever stuck. well, we can always pray for those in need that their ears will be opened. your sister in Christ,

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